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One Feels Devine Using This Personal Hygiene Kit

Devine Is made for all users and works great for both elderly and those with moblility challenges

Many people with mobility challenges and the elderly are unable to enjoy a full bathing immersion, but they still want to feel clean. A solution to this dilemma is Devine. Devine is an easily applied personal hygiene kit that ensures complete cleanliness, particularly for the elderly or those with mobility challenges.

Because of the ease of use with the new Devine allowing consumers to attend to personal areas of the body without assistance it is a favorite of personal users as well as caregivers.. It isn ot only for home use, the affordably priced Devine is also beneficial to hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Devine,

The Patent Pending Devine was invented by a companion and former patient caregiver, Trellis Scott of Vineland, NJ, who said, "Devine consists of baking soda, skin-friendly liquid soap, a wooden stirring stick, rubbing alcohol and two application mittens. A user mixes cold water with the baking soda. The user then uses a mitten to apply the solution underneath the arms, to the genitals and to the buttocks. With these delicate areas cared for, the user then adds the skin-friendly liquid soap and alcohol to bath water, completing the cleansing regimen. Devine provides the tools necessary for users to enjoy the benefits of full bathing immersion in only a few simple steps."

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