One Father Is More Than a Hundred Schoolmasters. Celebrate Father's Day with DiscountShop

The paternal bond is something magical. Everyone takes it for granted that a mom will do almost anything when it comes to protecting her babies. But this is so true even when it comes to dads.

Most dads do not display affection the way moms do but they are there - being strong when you need them to be. Being the rock even when he is totally shaken and distraught. Someone who can change your life with a kind word or two. Someone who can propel you into courageous choices simply because he is man enough to do so. So this Father's day, there are so many ways in which you can give something back by way of small gifts for all the big ones of life that he has given you.

At we have put together some of our best deals and products just for Father's Day, 2014. So, let us start with the massively stylish Luminox Mariner 6265. There is a sense of energy about this watch that is unmistakable. Power and positive oomph radiate from every little component that has gone into this timepiece. Allow the force of the high seas to convey your love for your dad with this one.


Sports persons, movie stars, rock singers and your dad. If you hero worship your father, it is pretty easy to see why he would fit into this list of people. But there is another reason why it is a natural fit and that is if you get him the Michael Kors rectangle gunmetal sunglasses. Most celebrities wear rectangular sunglasses! There is a powerful persona to these glasses and honestly they are just waiting to be set firmly on your dad's face to come alive with style!


The confident good looks of the Tommy Hilfiger Taylor is next on our list. This watch is bursting with dignity and flair. Well, should not be a surprise because Tommy Hilfiger is known as the quintessential powerhouse of great fashion is it not? You will love this watch's sub dials and superb leather strap.


Even if your dad is totally into tech and gadgets that keep him organized, he will love a pen as polished and refined as the Mont Blanc Starwalker. That cool snowflake in the see through dome and the sheer comfort of the grip of this pen make it a gift worth giving. Throw in some expensive stationery along with this gift and you know your dad will revel in the world of words.

The iconic Movado Men's Museum watch completes our round up of the few products you can gift your father. This watch is utterly simple. But every time your dad wears it for that formal occasion he has to go to, he will be completely in style! That single 'dot' in the 12 o'clock position will be a constant reminder to him - of your love that shines like the sun.

There are so many other things you can do for him. It is Father's Day after all, a perfect time to say "I love you" and really, really mean it. Gifts aside, show him you care and appreciate all the things he has done for you. There probably have been many things he has given up so you could have a comfortable time. "No big deal", he will say if you ask him about it. But that's the way most dads are and you can make Father's Day a huge, big, massive deal with the perfectly selected gifts.

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