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Once Again Bringing The Cajun-Creole-Zydeco Culture Alive

The Only Cajun-Creole-Zydeco Festival in Brooklyn is now hosting its third annual Bayou n' Brooklyn Music Festival this May 2013. The Bayou n' Brooklyn staff seeks support to all Cajun aficionados around the world to make this event a reality.

The 2013 Bayou n' Brooklyn Music Festival is set this springtime to once again bring to life Bayou-born sounds in Brooklyn, New York which is often sought with much 'joie de vivre.' But to make this annual Cajun-Creole-Zydeco aficionado gathering a success, the Bayou n' Brooklyn staff need your support.

Currently, an Indiegogo online campaign entitled Brooklyn's Only Cajun-Creole-Zydeco Festival is running with the aim of reaching $2000 in 38 days and counting. Below is a link to their indiegogo campaign:

The intention of their fundraising is to be able to deliver three renowned Cajun artists from Louisiana to Brooklyn, New York to grace this year's annual music festival. The artists are cultural ambassador Christine Balfa, Cajun music's revered vocalist and guitar players Ed Poullard and Megan Brown.

The third annual festival takes place on May 10, 11, and 12, 2013 at Jalopy Theatre and School of Music in Brooklyn, New York which is its usual site since its start two years ago. There will be Community Jam Sessions, Dance/Fiddle/Guitar/Vocals Workshops, as well as cultural informal talks about the Cajun culture and its history.

Bayou n' Brooklyn Music Festival is a three-day event dedicated to the promotion of Cajun culture which is the historical gem of Louisiana. They annually raise funds to keep their ticket prices at a minimum to encourage greater opportunity for Cajun culture promotion to the community

For more information about the event, Cajun activities, and history visit the ( and their blog ( You can also contact them directly through, like their page in Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

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