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On website there is all the information about new product of the company: the corset which is suitable to anyone who suffer of spinal columns problems.

In the last days on website the new and innovative corset has been introduced online.

In the long run, wrong postures and positions could cause a considerable reduction of the discs of the spinal bones generating articular pains. The corset could be a perfect ally for the lumbar support. This permits the patient to always keeping the right posture in any positions.

The corset has the same features of a traditional bustier, but it is possible to wear it as a corset, it is not rigid and in this way it enables all type of movements. Elegant and easy to wear, there is also the possibility to use it over your clothes. The new corset is suitable for those who work hard or for those who are always sitting or standing.

It gives comfort, by supporting the spinal column and allowing all natural movements. Picchioni laboratory creates its products in Italy and the corset is available on various sizes, from S to XXL, black or flesh -coloured.

The orthopaedic laboratory of Dr. Livio Picchioni of Siena is directly supervised by doctor Picchioni, leader in this field thanks to an interdisciplinary master on posturology obtained at the University of Rome. This branch utilizes healing systems as for example, orthopaedic techniques for foot and spinal column rehabilitation, in order to heal the posture and the body position and to restore a right walk which helps to give the patient calm and prevent from pains.

In addition to the corset, the orthopaedic laboratory is devoted to the production of orthopaedic insoles which are manufactured with exclusive Italian material. The foot is the unique part of the body that is responsible for our posture, because it is always under stress by carrying the entire weight of the body.

Consequently, foots could also cause serious problems to the spinal column, therefore it is important to walk correctly with the most suitable shoes for foots. Using wrong shoes causes serious damages to the posture, for these reasons it is crucial taking care of your foots by using insoles. The use of insoles permits to modify the walk in order to improve body position, in that the postural insoles help the foot to keep a perfect balance and they can be put on any pair of shoes, it also prevents foot from callosity.

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