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On Job Training And Placements

Improv MS is providing on job training and placement services for fresh and experienced candidates. This is an excellent opportunity to utilise our services and save your time and money which is spent on unproductive trainings.

Improv Management Solutions team is lead by dedicated professionals who have experience in various domains like Business administration & Management, Marketing, Human Resource, Engineering, Chartered Accountants and IT Services. Thus we proudly present ourselves as "One Stop Business Solutions provider".

Our continued success can be chiefly attributed to our firm belief in carrying out the multiple and varied responsibilities, tasks and orders by working in a team. This helps in drawing strength from each others abilities, skills and experience. This leads to higher turnover, shorter time frame in completing jobs and having greater chance of customer satisfaction.

Improv MS believes in conducting business ethically. Our businesss policy/motto is "Be simple and clear in business transactions". This motto has guided Improv MS to never exaggerate in any aspect of our business with our clients, whether in terms of commitments or service delivery. Improv MS is proud to be a simple organisation which is completely dedicated to fulfill the commitments made to our clients.

In the current scenario, there is lot of gap between the education system and corporates. Students are not updating to the latest trends in the corporate world. Because of which they are failing to utilise the great opportunities. Improv MS is determined to bridge this "gap" by providing students with real time exposure to corporate atmosphere through final year projects, on job trainings and placements.

Improv MS itself has vast experience in the field of Engineering and Business Management Services to provide real time experience to students and placements. We also partner with other corporates and understand their Job requirements, based on which we create a sophisticated training schedule for students. Based on the Job notifications, we provide well trained students to corporates which saves their time and also get genuinely trained candidates.

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Improv Management Solutions Private Limited

Improv Management Solutions Private Limited
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