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Omar Garcia Describes in New Book How to Use Work as a Tool to Achieve Happiness and Superior Business Results

Can you imagine going to work with the same eagerness with which you pursue a hobby, go out with friends, or read your favorite book? Omar Garcia explains how to do it in: "The Driven Organization, and what we need to be happy and productive at work"

Have you asked yourself why we have hobbies, why we read our favorite books, or why we love the boss that gives us total free rein? Have you thought of why we hang out with friends, why we feel depressed when our house is messy, or why we find fascinating to discover something new? All these obey to our human needs. Each one of us is constantly looking for better ways to satisfy these needs. The question that Omar Garcia explores in his new book is whether or not we could satisfy the large majority of our needs at work.He explores how to do it and what the end result would be.

Omar Garcia shows us that work is one of the best tools humans have to achieve our dreams. "Work," he says, "is an amazing way to reach our entire potential, accomplish higher goals, and have the best of times. And by the way, if done properly, teams become extremely effective and companies exceptionally profitable."

This is a fun-to-read, inspiring book for managers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who has considered that the way we work could be better. You will never see work in the same way. You will rethink current paradigms and understand what you need your work to be. If you are a manager, you will become a better one. If you are a business owner, you will be able to create the conditions for your employees to be happy, reach their entire potential, and be much more productive.

"The way we work is changing as we speak. Those who understand it will be part of this future. This book is meant to show people the future of work," said the author.

Some of the feedback we have received:
"A compelling road map for creating workplaces driven by engagement ... with happier workers and more sustainable outcomes." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Garcia's innovative thesis… is that a business should strive primarily to create a harmony of corporate and personal interests and meet the needs of its workers and community.His practical steps mix the mundane and the visionary, and his enthusiasm sweeps aside skepticism with breezy aphorisms." -- Publishers Weekly

"This book exceeded my highest expectations. I felt that somebody had read 10 years worth of my thoughts, dreams, and frustrations about companies, bosses, colleagues; and business rules. [It] has a thought-out structure with specific tools on how to heal and grow a company, and how to make your own life better."—Urszula Milewska.

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Title: The Driven Organization, and what we need to be happy and productive at work
Hardcover: 296 pages
Publisher: Future Approved Works; First edition.
ISBN-13: 978-0989609609
price: $27.95

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