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Old Style Shaving At The Cutting Edge Of Fashion

Styles and looks go in and out of fashion with alarming regularity. One such fashion that is currently riding the crest of popularity is that of Cut Throat Razors.

The very traditional style of shaving has been largely absent from the consumers psyche for a long time. Sexy, futuristic adverts for contemporary razors full of gimmicks and extra blades have led to their products monopolising the market place. However, the old school shaving tool is making a comeback.

The recent James Bond film, Skyfall, included a scene where Bond's face was shaved by his sexy co-agent. The sexually charged scene seems to have penetrated the consciousness of the consumers' mind set. Consumer magazine Digital Spy has recently reported a 405% increase in cut throat razor sales in the few weeks since the film was released.

Once considered a rare treat for special occasions such as weddings, shaving with a cut throat razor produces an incredible close shave with beautifully smooth results. A skilled barber in a dedicated Barber Shop can produce a close shave that cannot be perfectly replicated by a regular razor.

Many people still find it daunting to use a Cut Throat Razor due its sharp nature and proximity to the jugular. This has led them to only receive such a close shave when they are in the Barber Shop.
Those who trust their dexterity and steady-handedness are investing in cut-throat razors in record numbers.

It is not only the smooth shave that can be achieved from the use of a Cut Throat Razor that is attracting new converts on a daily basis. The apparent masculinity of shaving with a very basic piece of equipment appeals to many men. This simplicity of returning to nature and using a simple unadorned blade is an incredibly attractive proposition.

The country gentleman style is becoming ever more popular for British men. Magazines such as GQ offer it as a style that men should aspire to achieve. Flat caps and scotch whiskey have never been so in fashion as they are right now. Many men are now incorporating the relaxing trip to the Barber Shop for a chat and a shave into their weekly plans.

Furthermore, searches for 'cut-throat razor' and 'straight razor' on popular search engines such as Google have increased significantly. Whether they plan to shave themselves or have a professional do it at the Barber Shop, more and more men are reverting back to the tradition shaving style.

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