OIC Group Launches Website for Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

Ecommerce is growing as more and more companies begin to realize the potential of selling products on the Internet. OIC Group has responded to this growth by building a brand dedicated to ecommerce marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

The digital masterminds of OIC Group, Inc. (Online Innovative Creations) have released yet another website to hone in on their expertise in the web marketing profession. The new website is www.ClickCentricSEO.com, and the domain centers on the OIC Group's expertise in ecommerce Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

The arena of ecommerce is growing as more and more players are realizing the potential of selling products on the Internet. As a result, a wide range of companies spanning from small business retailers to local boutiques are capitalizing on the opportunities that ecommerce has to offer. This has lead to a great demand for SEO and Internet marketing services specifically for ecommerce websites.

To cater to this demand, OIC Group has launched its new website ClickCentric SEO to target businesses in need of services, consulting, and strategy development in ecommerce search engine optimization. At ClickCentric SEO, visitors can explore professionally-written articles about ecommerce SEO and Internet marketing, as well as reviews for ecommerce content management system (CMS) software. Each CMS review is an in-depth analysis of a common ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Drupal, Volusion, OpenCart, and Exponent. This information is very insightful for small ecommerce companies that utilize CMS software and run most of their operations in-house. ClickCentric SEO also offers an ecommerce strategy checklist for new Internet marketing campaigns in development. In essence, the goal of OIC Group was to provide a resource-based website all about ecommerce.

Through its new website, the Peoria web design company OIC Group also offers its vast expertise and services in ecommerce to help businesses on a regular basis. In addition to ecommerce search engine optimization, some of the other services provided by ClickCentric SEO are ecommerce Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, landing page design, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, and web design and development. The emphasis of ClickCentric SEO is be recognized as a full-service ecommerce marketing company with niche expertise in search engine marketing. The specialists of the company also offer ecommerce consulting services which focus on strategy building and implementation.

You can visit the Peoria web design company's new website by heading over to www.ClickCentricSEO.com.

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