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Maria Paladino launches Butterflies of Hope Foundation, Holding 1st Annual Keri & Jason Trinca Memorial Event Fundraiser on November 15th

Inspired by one family's tragedy, Maria Paladino launches Butterflies of Hope Foundation.

October 8th marked one year since the fateful day when Keri Trinca and her little boy, Jason, 7, were killed in a horrific car accident. Keri's car was broadsided by a van as she was pulling out of their development, Country Pointe in Manorville, NY. Keri Trinca's other two children, Marialena and Christopher were air-lifted to Stony Brook University Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. 

In the dark days following the accident, Keri Trinca's husband, Jay, remained by his children's bedsides as his daughter, then-4-year old Marialena endured numerous procedures to repair broken bones as well as 3 brain operations to relieve hydrocephalus, an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, following a severe brain injury. One of the operations included implantation of a shunt catheter in Marialena's brain to drain excess fluid into the abdominal cavity. This shunt is permanent and can malfunction at any time, requiring immediate replacement. Marialena's brother, then-2-year old Christopher suffered a severe skull injury and detached eye sockets, and was released after one week. After 4 months in the hospital, Marialena was finally released in February, but she continues to face challenges, as she has been deemed permanently disabled, and receives physical, occupational and speech therapy on a daily basis.

A ray of hope: After meeting Jay Trinca, former neighbor Maria Paladino felt compelled to help and, through her heartfelt mission, the Butterflies of Hope Foundation was born. The organization was created to help families as they face devastating tragedy. A fundraiser, "The Keri & Jason Trinca Memorial Event," will be held on November 15, 2012 at Giorgio's in Baiting Hollow and will celebrate two lives, gone too soon.

Long Island businesses have generously donated both in-kind and monetary donations. The event will feature a Chinese Auction, 4-course dinner, dancing, a special tribute performance and presentation of Jay Trinca and his two little Miracles, Marialena and Christopher. 

Corporate and small business opportunities are still available. For more information on the Trinca Family, or to purchase tickets to the November 15th fundraiser, visit www.butterfliesofhopefoundation.org or contact the Butterflies of Hope Foundation at 631.312.0777.

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