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"Obama Is Not A Popular As Clinton In Israel, But He Can Influence Israelis' Beliefs In His Visit To Israel", Says Israeli Expert

International communication skills expert suggests ten tips to President Obama's speechwriters, in order to better connect with the Israeli citizens in his coming speech this week.

"President Barack Obama's should use a couple of Hebrew words while delivering his speech in Jerusalem" said Gil Peretz, Israeli co-author of Obama's Secrets and a global communication skills expert.

"88% of Israeli citizens think President Clinton was a better president (for Israel) than President Obama is, and most of Israelis still remember the Hebrew words Clinton used after the assassination of the late Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin.
Peretz suggested ten tips to President Obama's speechwriters:

1. Open the president's speech with a full phrase in Hebrew, and not only with "Shalom".

2. Use a story the president has not used in the past. Surprise the audience. Use a "S.T.A.R moment" - Something They'll All Remember.

3. The president should incorporate rational arguments and emotional triggers. People make decisions based on their feelings. Use some Israeli and Mediterranean slang: Sababa, Achla and Hummus.

4. Israel has a new government with many new ministers who just joined politics and made a significant change in Israel. Take advantage of the situation to show that the majority of Israeli citizens would like to have new initiatives and hopefully peace too.

5. Talk to the audience's feelings. Connect with the aspirations for Peace. It's not what you say; it's what they hear and feel. Look at the audience the way Bill Clinton does. He makes deep eye contact and creates intimacy with the listeners. Once Clinton's eyes locked onto someone's, they do not leave until the interaction is complete.

6. Re-assure the exclusive ties between the USA and Israel. Assure the people of Israel that USA will prevent Iran to threaten the entire world with nuclear bombs.

7. Use analogies from the Jewish tradition, especially from "Passover" holiday which is going to be celebrated next week.

8. Empower the students who are going to participate at the event by mentioning Israel's achievements and let them imagine a better future.

9. Use some humor. Israeli likes jokes, and when they laugh they are also favorable to hear different points of view.

10. People remember the most the last thing they heard. That is why the president should end his remarks with another Hebrew phrase, preferably three power words.

Chief Inspiration Officer at Silicon Valley Sales Academy and an expert on presentation skills with more than 25 years of experience, Gil Peretz is one of the world's leading authorities on communication, influence, sales, and negotiation training.
Global companies based in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific invite Gil Peretz to deliver power-packed business ideas, and to facilitate customized dynamic workshops for their managers and sales forces.
His clients include Microsoft, PayPal, Merck, Allergan, UC Berkeley California, and more.

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