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Oakland Stairlifts Today Announced Their Stair Alteration Service, Now Supporting A Variety of Homes

UK based stairlift supplier, Oakland Stairlifts, announced today how they are now able to install in a wider variety of homes thanks to their stair alteration services. They're extending this service to customers with architecturally difficult home

Oakland Stairlifts, stairlift suppliers based in Leicester, UK, announced today their support for a wide variety of architectural styles and layouts, due to the stair alteration service now extended to their customers.

Stairlifts can be integral to a person's home life. For anyone suffering from a loss of mobility a stairlift may be necessary to retain a degree of independence around the home. Most homes feature straight staircases, facilitating cheaper design and faster stairlift installation. Some individuals are less fortunately, and possess more intricate staircase designs.

Oakland Stairlifts today announced how they can now install on a wide range of staircases. A Customer Service Representative for Oakland Stairlifts commented that "many people think that stairlifts can only be installed on a straight or curved staircase, but this isn't the case. We use a variety of techniques to help people with different staircase styles, and ensure they're able to get around their home freely and in comfort."

When customers come to Oakland Stairlifts with an eye towards purchasing a stairlift, an initial assessment of the customer's home is performed. This process allows Oakland Stairlifts to judge the architectural state of the home, and recommend appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Many homes feature staircases leading to mezzanine floors, in turn attached to a further flight of stairs. In these cases Oakland Stairlifts can extend a stairlift rail to cover the middle ground and ascend the second set of stairs, removing the need to walk across the mezzanine. Some staircases end on a curve, requiring a more customized solution.

On a curved staircase stairlifts can be difficult to dismount, creating the need to climb one or two steps awkwardly before finally reach the top. In these instances Oakland Stairlifts provide a transfer platform allowing the user to dismount onto a flat surface at the same level as the top of the staircase, completely removing the need to climb any steps.

Straight and curved stairlifts are the two types of stairlift people can purchase, but they aren't restricted to purchasing simply one type. For particularly unique staircases, Oakland Stairlifts have a range of solutions combining both varieties of alteration as well as transfer platforms, providing the flexibility to solve any need.

Oakland Stairlifts are stairlift suppliers based in the UK. They have helped many people find a solution to their mobility problems, and continue to develop solutions for new styles of staircase with every customer, helping provide support to those who need it.

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