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Oakland Stairlifts Today Announced The Rise In Demand For Stairlifts The Further North In The UK People Live

Oakland Stairlifts, a UK based stairlift supplier, today announced that there is a rise in demand for stairlifts the further north in the country people live.

UK stairlift supplier, Oakland Stairlifts, today announced the rise in demand for stairlifts the further north in the UK people are.

Stairlifts are a useful form of assistive technology that is used by those that have trouble getting up and down the stairs. Most-commonly stairlifts are used by those that suffer with arthritis and other aches and pains in the joints, as they are the people that have the hardest time getting up and down the stairs.

A recent study made by Help My Mobility, an online news publication in the assistive technology industry, found that the further north in the country they looked, the higher the demand was for stairlifts.

The study showed that areas such as Liverpool had close to 38 stairlift suppliers based in the area providing to customers. This is a huge contrast when compared to an area further south such as Sheffield, which has only 7 stairlift suppliers in the area.

This shows that the demand for stairlifts is higher in the north of the UK than in the south. A Sales Representative for Oakland Stairlifts added, "We've found that we generally have more customers coming to us from northern areas of the UK. Leicester, the city we're based in, has a high demand for stairlifts, and we think this has something to do with it being further north, where the demand is higher for stairlift suppliers."

In the south of the UK there are only a few stairlift suppliers that are based in areas that are central to the surrounding areas such as large towns or city centres. However, it can still been seen that people in the south of the country look to the stairlift suppliers based in the north for their stairlift needs, based on the customers that many northern stairlift suppliers have.

One of the reasons it is thought that there is a higher demand for stairlifts in the north of the UK is that people move to the north when they retire. It is a proven fact that the elderly are the most likely to need a stairlift, which would coincide with the high demand for stairlifts in the north, where most people retire.

Oakland Stairlifts is a stairlift supplier based in the UK. The company have operated for many years and have supplied to customers all around the UK in that time. While the company is based in the midlands they are still able to supply to all of their customers equally as they are at the heart of the UK.

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