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Now Get A Home Loan In Australia If You Got A Permanent Work Visa

This PR is intended to share an update pertaining to the home loans requirements for all those visa holders, where the visa category allows them to stay and work in Australia on a permanent basis.

Applying and securing a home loan can be challenging and if you are not an Australian resident, the process these circumstances can be even more confusing. Initially, non-residents with a temporary visa faced a hard time to buy a property, now, Loans Direct is facilitating home loan options through its panel of banks and lenders in Australia, to all visa holders having the visa category that allows them to remain and work in Australia permanently.

Investors used other ways, like using spousal visas including the 309 or the 820 visa to buy a property, however, this form of investment turns out difficult without the help or professional guidance of an experienced Australian mortgage lender. Therefore, understanding the challenge behind investing in real estate, amends have been incorporated since 18 March.

While falling in the criterion on non-resident, if you have a permanent job, you can own a permanent house. Therefore, one needs to get an approval from the foreign investment review board. Post that non- resident need to understand the basics of LVR or the "loan to value ratio".

When you are pursuing a home loan in Australia, it is essential to understand the LVR percentages. "The LVR is the percentage of the value that is needed to borrow." If the LVR is high, one can get added finances to finance the property. This makes it easier to get expensive properties in Australia.

Loans direct offers personalized and high experienced to all its clients whether they are the citizens or non-residents in Australia. The bottom line is that you as a non-resident can now get an affordable home loan from the right mortgage lender.

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