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These days, people use to do online shopping from the internet which in the easy way and more people use the internet to understand their health issues as well, medicines purchased from these websites often comes with the risk of harming you.

The Internet pharmacy can enhance and enable the practice of pharmaceutical care. Routine questions about medication can be answered by online pharmacists using e-mail or other electronic real time video connections. Awareness of a patient's diagnosis, results of laboratory tests, and established drug monitoring parameters, largely unavailable to pharmacists at present, could be made accessible through the Internet. The vision of an e-enhanced pharmacy within the health care system is soon to become a reality.

As per some Studies:
In 1999 tested 46 websites selling prescription pharmaceuticals over the Internet. Thirty-seven sites (33 based in the USA and 4 based outside the United States) required a prescription from a personal physician or through an Internet physician consultation. Nine sites based outside of the United States did not require a prescription or physician consultation. The median cost of an Internet physician visit was US$ 70, which was considered to be 15% higher than the general practice visit locally. Median price per pill of two most commonly offered medications (sildenafil and finasteride) was 10% higher on the Internet (before shipping charges) than at local pharmacies in Philadelphia, USA. However several sites particularly online pharmacies either allowed the patient to obtain the prescription from the site's online physician or made provisions for
contacting the patient's physician directly.

As per some Surveys:
In 2000, a survey was carried out to determine whether differences in the provision of pharmacy services exist among different types of US-based Internet pharmacies. This involved 5 chain pharmacy extensions, 6 mail order pharmacies, 14 online pharmacies and 8 independent pharmacy extensions allowing patients to purchase prescription medications online. There was significant variation among the four types of pharmacies. Patients were required to provide their own prescription at 88% of the sites. But there are some internet medication services are available, registered and from where anyone can buy medicine without any prescription like Med2shop is one of the best examples of internet medication site from where you can buy medicine online without any prescription. This is an international online pharmacy that offers its customers a proven and trusted source of quality medicine online, which offers a convenient, private, affordable alternative to conventional pharmacies and other costly online services. We enable those patients with transportation issues, limited access to quality medical care and privacy needs to have their medications safely delivered directly to their door step, without the hassle and time constraint of visiting a doctor's office. So if someone really wants to buy medicine for themselves and are unable to go out and buy medication from nearby pharmacy, then you can visit that online pharmacy mentioned in this article and get that easily what exactly you want.

About Med2shop:
Our pharmacy is in strict compliance with FDA regulations for shipping medication for personal use. Solely European Union approved products are provided to you. Only after your request has been approved by the doctor, your medication will be billed to your credit card. We will ship your order by registered mail to the address given by you. Internet registered sites also encourage you to read and understand all product information, dosage, possible side-effects and contraindications of the medication you use. For this the internet can be an excellent source of information, provided you use professional links. For more information you can Visit us;

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