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NovaText Corp To Debut A-Clean

Nova Text's newest product, the A-Clean, allows you to digitize your documents with a significant precision.

NovaText Corp, a tech startup located in Road Town, British Virgin Islands, announced plans to launch A-Clean, software that enables its users to enhance the quality of scanned text for the best possible character recognition. The software, which offers lossless reproductions of scanned text, is ideal for both individuals and businesses who want to create digital copies of hard documents. Scanning resolutions from one to 48 bits per pixel are available to enable the best possible cleaning and restoration of any type of document, be it a sales receipt, a magazine or newspaper article from yesteryear or an old manuscript.

In addition to NovaText Corp offering a free demonstration of A-Clean that enables users to upload and clean up to five text files at their website, NovaText Corp offers several different download packages of A-Clean. The basic package enables processing a predetermined number of text files directly through NovaTextCorp.Com. The unlimited package enables infinite processing of documents within periods ranging from one to twelve months. The VIP package offers unlimited use of A-Clean for the scanning, enhancement and cleaning of text documents with the option of using the program on an unlimited number of jobs simultaneously. Startup CEOs who choose the VIP option also are afforded the possibility of integrating the program into their company's software products.

The basic principle advantages of A-Clean:

- automatic operation;
- batch processing; package size is not limited;
- word processing in any language and any script (alphabet or hieroglyphic);
- texts can be both printed and handwritten.

For more information and pricing, visit NovaText Corp on the web at

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