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Not Social Media 101: 4 Day Webinar Offers More Than The Basics

We have developed a four part webinar series, Beyond Social Media Basics, to help individuals and businesses wanting to learn more about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. The first day is free!

"A few years after Facebook was launched, we were fielding questions from our clients on almost a daily basis, asking us how to use the platform for business." Jason Ohrum, President of JAZ Design Company, Inc., a small, family operated web design business located in south central Pennsylvania, recalls recognizing that his company needed to find a way to offer social media services to their clients because the 'phenomenon' was anything but - it was here to stay.

Small businesses and large corporations alike are now flourishing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest these days. Some have found huge success in connecting with their target audiences, and others have found frustration because they simply don't understand how best to use social media to reach their market. Large companies are more capable of hiring individuals or even whole departments dedicated to social media marketing. But smaller businesses don't often have that luxury, and the lack of time and know-how leads them to abandon this highly powerful method of reaching their customer base.

"There is a wrong way to use social media when trying to connect with your potential customers," says Adriane Ohrum, head of the Social Media Department for JAZ Design Company. "Most people think they can use it to announce every sale, product or service they offer repeatedly, but in reality, that is exactly what turns people off. What business owners need to understand first and foremost is that social media needs to be approached as a conversation, just as if you approached someone in a room. It isn't likely that you'd approach a stranger and say, 'I've got widgets on sale today for $29, wanna buy one?' You have to get to know your potential customers before you can ever think of selling to them, and there are methods to using social media properly that can have great results for your business."

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of books, e-courses, and seminars that are readily available to help businesses learn the basics of social media. But what is often found is the same information just spun a different way. JAZ Design Company recognized that their clients were interested in learning more than just the basics. So Jason asked Adriane and Nigel Ohrum, a Social Media Consultant and instructor to join him in offering a webinar that would do just that - go beyond social media basics.

Their collaboration has resulted in a 4 day intensive social media webinar that will no doubt catapult any business owner's social media campaign. Beyond Social Media Basics (www.beyondsocialmediabasics.com) offers the first day free to anyone who registers, and those who want more in-depth training can opt to continue with 3 more days of advanced social media concepts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest are all covered, as are specific methods of using each, recommended tools and websites for managing your social media accounts, dos and don'ts that go far beyond the basics, as well as specific methods and schedules for how, what and when to post.

The Beyond Social Media Basics webinar airs Wednesday, November 28th at 2:30 PM EST. To register, visit www.beyondsocialmediabasics.com. Bad time for you? Don't worry; they will record the sessions for anyone who wants to get in on this great training.

For more information, or questions about how this webinar can help you with your business' social media marketing, contact Jason at jason@jazdesignco.com, or visit the webinar sign up page at www.beyondsocialmediabasics.com.

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