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Not All Wine Glasses Are the Same! How to Choose the Right Ones

Why are some wine glasses large with a wide mouth and others very small? FInd out why different wines require different glasses and how to choose the right ones.

In specialty stores for sommelier equipment you can find dozens, sometimes even hundreds of different models of wine glasses, each one created for a specific purpose:
to help the wine develop all its flavors and aromas and fully satisfy the wine experts and wine lovers.

For those of us who are not experts, it can be pretty difficult to know which type is most appropriate for a certain variety of wine. Here is some advice on how to find the right glass for your favorite wine.

-Usually, full-bodied red wines are served in large glasses with a wide mouth, which allow the wine to breathe.

-Sweet/ fruity wines are best served in smaller glasses, as it helps to avoid that the wine warms up.

-Very aromatic wines require a 'balloon' glass, which focuses the aromas and helps you taste the full flavors.

-Sparkling wines should be served in tall, tapered glasses, allowing to enhance the perlage (or bubbles) and the aromas.

To find these and many other wine glasses(http://myhome.bormioliroccocasa.com/myhome/en/home/catalog/categories.html?c=calv) for any type of wine, simply visit the website "MyHome" by Bormioli Rocco.

In their extensive online catalog you'll find a great choice of wine glasses in different shapes, sizes and designs. Here you'll sure find the perfect glass for your favorite wine!
Bormioli Rocco is an internationally successful glass and tableware manufacturer with a long tradition. The Italian company was founded in 1825. The experience and passion shows in every single product: not surprising that many professional sommeliers have chosen to rely on their wine glasses for tastings.

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