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North Solar Screen Celebrates 21 Years as a Premier Designer for Sun Shade Systems in North America

Celebrating 21 years in the sun control shade system industry, North Solar Screen continues to provide a full line of indoor and outdoor transparent solar shades and blackout shades for both residential and commercial use.

Since 1992, North Solar Screen has been helping customers lower their heat and air conditioning costs. Studies show that outdoor shades can save up to 60% in air conditioning expenses. North Solar Screen has been designing outdoor and indoor sun control systems under the direction of its founder, Debby Miller, since its inception. They have the largest selection of custom designed outdoor shades on the market.

Based in Andover, MA, the company is pleased to announce its 21st anniversary in the business of providing clients with exterior and interior solar shade systems. While many consumers may think that sun shade systems are only intended for indoor use, outdoor sun control systems offer more advantages against heat because they stop it before it has a chance to enter. They turn outdoor spaces into comfortable living areas and keep the interior of homes cooler.

Outdoor sun control systems also reduce the sun's glare and the fading of fabrics and furniture from ultraviolet rays. Outdoor solar shade fabrics vary in density, allowing for circulation of air and ventilation.

The densities or the openness factor describes how tight the material is woven. Tighter weaves give more sun and heat protection, while open weaves allow more light and air to pass through. The more open the weave, the better the outward visibility. Another added feature of outdoor sun shades is that they allow full vision out during the day while providing daytime privacy from the other side. Neighbors cannot see in.

"We like to help educate our clients. For example, it is important to make sure the outdoor solar roller shades you choose are specifically made to withstand weather and wind and conditions. "All Weather Fabrics are not the only important factor when selecting outdoor shades", explains Debby Miller, regarding the longevity of their sun control systems. "It is equally important to make sure all the mechanics of the shade, including brackets, are rust proof and that the bottom weight bar is made of sturdy metal. It needs to stand up to the elements. A shade with rusted components will not operate and is therefore worthless."

In addition to outdoor sun control systems, North Solar Screen also designs for interior spaces as well. They carry a full line of blackout shades for total light blocking and privacy. Blackout shades are perfect for bedrooms, home theaters, audio visual room, security rooms and light sensitive laboratories. Approved by the National Sleep Foundation, Blackout Shades, Slumber Shades or Light Blocking Roller Shades completely darken a room for a more restful night sleep.

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