Nordstrom Coupon and Other Shopping Deals Point of Focus For New Consumer Based Site

SpendLessAndSaveMore.org seeks to provide consumers discount deals on a wide variety of products and services.

Collecting coupons and using them to purchase any product or service have become a rising trend among the frugal. As wise spending is now the most practical approach to buying, consumers look for ways to save through coupon codes that enable them spend less and save more.

Doing that just is SpendLessAndSaveMore.org, a website dedicated to providing customers with a complete list of coupons from top online merchants. From hot new Nordstrom coupons to Hotels.com discounts to Advance Auto Parts price-off deals, the online list of top merchant provide every customer the chance to get make the most out of their purchase.

SpendLessAndSaveMore.org was created by Shelly, a wife, former teacher and mom of two who learned about the value of spending with care and maximizing every opportunity to save.

"When my family went down to one income in January of 2009, we were forced to analyze our spending and find creative ways to cut costs," Shelly recalled. "We had to learn to SPEND LESS and SAVE MORE! It hasn't been easy, but this journey is one I now embrace whole-heartedly. I have been taught be some wonderful life-lessons, been forced to look at my priorities, and been given an amazing perspective on life that I might not otherwise have had."

Like many other wise wives and moms out there, Shelly continues to save up to 65% off Nordstrom; get great subscription bundles from The Wall Street Journal; and enjoy the perks that come with getting Comcast deals, among literally a wealth of providers and merchants ranging from Internet and communication services to online gifts to travel and everything in between.

"Although I haven't mastered it all, Spend Less and Save More is my way of passing on what I've learned about cutting costs and living on less," said Shelly.

To learn more about Spend Less and Save More, please visit http://Spendlessandsavemore.org for information and to check out the latest money-saving deals from several merchants.

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