Payroll software ezPaycheck was updated with new tax tables and forms for nonprofits to calculate payroll taxes, print paychecks and file tax forms easily and smoothly. 30-day free trial is available at

Payroll software provider released the new 2014 edition of ezPaycheck payroll software for small business and nonprofits. This new version includes the latest federal tax tables, state tax tables, the current tax form W2, W3, 940 and 941. It also includes the flexible tax setup options to meet the special needs of churches and nonprofits.

EzPaycheck payroll system is designed to automate paycheck processing and reduce the time spent on running payroll. The 2014 edition's graphical interface leads users step-by-step through setting up employee information, entering data, calculating payroll - including calculation of federal, state and local taxes; deductions for Medicare, insurance and 401(k) plans; and printing paychecks.

"Payroll software can save nonprofits time and money on the time-consuming payroll check processing jobs,"said founder Dr. Ge. "Meeting the specific needs of our customers is an important part of our business model. We believe our customers should focus their time and energy on running their businesses, not trying to figure out how to run payroll software and report tax."

Customers seeking a way to simplify payroll processing with more accuracy can go online to and download the payroll software. The download includes the full version of the paycheck software along with a sample database. The sample database allows new customers to try all of ezPaycheck's exciting features, including the intuitive graphical interface, without wasting time entering data.

EzPayCheck's many time- and money-saving features include:

- Updated tax tables and tax rates for all 50 states, Washington D.C., and federal taxes

- Print paychecks in choice of check formats: check-in-middle, check-on-bottom or check-on-top

- Print Forms W2, W3, 940 and 941

- Mask employee Social Security Numbers on check stubs

- Customizable deductions and withholding for unique needs -- ideal for churches and non-profits

- Robust reporting features

- Data export for use with's ezW2 or other compatible software

- Auto-fill for check data that speeds up payroll

- Support multiple accounts with no extra charge

Priced at $89, ezPaycheck payroll software is affordable for any size business. To speed up year-end tax reporting for more businesses, launched the special promition of ezPaycheck software. New customers can get payroll software 2013 at discount price of $59 or 2013 & 2014 bundle version at just $90.

To start this 30-day free test drive, visit

About is a leading provider of small business software, including payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, check printing software, W2, software, 1099 software, and barcode generating software. Today Software from is trusted by thousands of users and help small business owners simplify their payroll processing and business management.

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