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No-Work Spanish Introduces Bilingual Sticky Notes to Learn Spanish Quickly

Containing the Spanish names of common household objects, Bilingual Sticky Notes from No-Work Spanish are designed to help people in their journey through foreign language learning.

No-Work Spanish, a company that makes language learning easy and convenient through audiobooks, is launching Bilingual Sticky Notes. The newest product allows learners to see, hear, and learn the names of common household objects in both Spanish and English.

Bilingual Sticky Notes from No-Work Spanish were created to enable people to easily learn Spanish as they walk around their home, boosting their efforts to master one of the most widely-used languages in the world. As such, it is perfect for people who struggle with finding time for everything they want to do.

No-Work Spanish explains their new way to learn Spanish stays true to their aim of making learning Spanish both fun, convenient and interesting. For years, the No-Work Spanish audiobooks have been enabling consumers to learn Spanish simply by listening to a story both in English and Spanish.

Barb Webb, who has been learning Spanish through the No-Work Spanish audiobooks, says: "These books helped me with the extremely important skill of listening to spoken Spanish and comprehending what was just said. The books were also terrific in reinforcing words and grammar that I already knew, along with introducing new terms, phrases, and sentence structure. This helped me understand my professor better and to begin to put together longer conversations when speaking Spanish."

As with the No-Work Spanish audiobooks, the Bilingual Sticky Notes make Spanish learning possible without taking extra time from their day. Each bilingual sticky note comes with a photo of the object, the name of the object in both English and Spanish, and a QR code. Learners can easily grab a smartphone and scan the QR code to hear the words pronounced in English and Spanish.

Customers can can get a free printable copy of Bilingual Sticky Notes by filling out the form at, or buy on a preprinted set ready for sticking up around the house and learn their Spanish vocabulary in no time. Bilingual Sticky Notes are also useful for Spanish speakers learning English.

To find out more about the newest Bilingual Sticky Notes from No-Work Spanish, please visit for information.

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