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No Surgery! No Hormones! No Starvation! An Easy Way to Lose Your Weight

Svelte Weight Loss Center is the one stop center for medically supervised weight loss programs and strategies that requires no surgery, no hormones and no starvation.

Svelte Weight Loss Center, a commendable weight loss center in Orlando FL offers effective weight management and healthy lifestyle services that are professionally supervised for the safest results and nutritionally designed to develop proper eating habits. The programs are safe and proven, and are designed to cater families as well as individuals.

Client's visiting Svelte Weight Loss Center are guided towards their health and weight goals by Dr. Bragg, the founder of Svelte Medical Weight Management who also help them develop programs designed to suit their lifestyle and needs. In addition, clients are encouraged to incorporate exercises based on their level and preferences into their weight loss program. "Weight loss, sometimes seems to be unimaginable. More than half of all American adults are overweight or obese. That tells us a few things, first, we have an enormous weight loss problem in this country, and second, what we're doing about it just isn't working," says Dr. Bragg.

He adds, "Our program teaches the affects of insulin on weight gain and loss and how keeping insulin levels stable will not only cause fat burning, but will help fatigue, low energy, joint pains and inflammatory disorders. We teach each patient the information they need to lose weight and maintain their weight loss long term."

What's unique about Svelte's weight loss programs in Orlando? - is the question asked by all. The leading weight loss center assesses client's current health condition from the beginning to come up with a unique plan for their success. This is the first step towards setting up a personalized program. The second step is considering the factor that favors client's weight loss i.e. water, muscle mass or body fat. Thirdly, Dr. Bragg plans a program and informs the client about how much they can expect to lose every week. Finally using the healthy weight analysis, Dr. Bragg can accurately anticipate how much weight and body fat one can lose over time, to make sure the clients stay on track with your goal.

"At each visit, we at Svelte Weight Loss Center advice you to understand how your lifestyle, activity levels, food intake and health history have an impact on your weight. You'll learn the tactics necessary to lose weight and keep it off permanently. And the end result is what you expected, a slim and great body," Dr. Bragg adds lastly.

In short, Svelte Weight Loss Center is the ideal source to lose weight, eat right, be fit and feel great at every stage of life!

About Svelte Weight Loss Center

Based in Orlando, Svelte Weight Loss Center offers medically supervised weight loss programs and help clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their weight loss programs aids clients to find a successful path that will lead them towards lasting weight loss, and achieving a lifetime of good health in the process. For more details, visit


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