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No Side Effects of Hair Transplant, Allow Us to Explain You

No Side Effects of Hair transplant, allow us to explain you. ILHT is best

Hair transplant may seem like an invasive procedure with many side effects and a greater risk at stake because it has everything to do with one's hair. In case of a person suffering from hair loss, the risk is increased because there are very few hair to deal with and hence nothing can be risked. Many hair loss victims do not even consider talking to a hair surgeon because of all the circulating rumors about their side effects. There are downsides to every techniques and procedure but in the case of hair transplant, it is recognized worldwide as the safest surgery in the world of medical science.

Hair transplant is done on the scalp region only, so this excludes the need of a general anesthesia. Only the scalp region is anesthetized using a local injection and the rest of the body remains conscious. Secondly, the technique is only invasive to the top most part of the skin where hair follicles are placed. There is no major incision and hence there is no blood loss. Just to make the point very clear, no major artery or a vein is cut and hence there is no incidence of cutting a major vessel even by accident. Thirdly, hypersensitivity reactions are excluded because it is practically the donor own hair that are being planted again but in a different area where there is the bald area.

Hypersensitivity is a reaction against a foreign body and In this case there is no foreign body. A little bit of inflammation may persist for some weeks because of the minor cuts that are made in the scalp while taking out and punching in the hair follicles in new place. Medicines are administered to speed up the healing up process and in turn it also helps out in wearing down the inflammation. Hair will start in a few weeks and they will continue growing like normal hair. Once they have extended to a specific length they can be cut and styles according to the need.

In case of a special question or a query, a hair transplant expert at ILHT can be contacted via phone and even a free of cost counseling session can be arranged just to answer all the questions that might be related to hair transplant and the associated risks. A team of highly trained professionals is always there to convey all the necessary details about the process to the hair loss victims and get their closure before even the therapy is started.

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