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No More Scrambling For Meat-Free Breakfast Recipes, Neat® Foods Launches Gluten-Free, Soy-Free Breakfast Mix

neat offers all-natural, gluten and soy-free meat-replacement products to consumers who are looking to reduce or eliminate meat in their diets without sacrificing their favorite recipes.

Chicago, IL- The most important meal of the day just got healthier—and more delicious. In time for National Vegetarian Week and Celiac Awareness Month, neat® foods, known for its delicious meat-replacement products derived from nuts and other natural ingredients, is preparing to launch its latest innovation—a meat-free, soy-free, gluten-free and guilt-free breakfast mix developed to mimic the flavor profile of sweet-yet-savory maple breakfast sausage. Created from pecans, garbanzo beans, whole grain oats, organic maple sugar, garlic, sea salt and spices, this first-ever shelf-stable product is the perfect way to recreate delectable breakfast favorites like breakfast burritos, casseroles, quiches and sausage gravy. The new product will be available for purchase online at eatneat.com, Amazon.com and at select grocery stores nationwide.

With an interest in veganism and vegetarianism more predominant than ever, the vegetarian market is quickly becoming the fastest-growing food sector, with the number of vegans more than doubling in the last three years.* Health and environmentally conscious consumers are looking for creative ways to subsidize their meat-free diets, while avoiding gluten, fillers and chemical additives. "We are excited to be able to provide consumers with a meat-free meal solution for breakfast. This new flavor will give an ever-growing market of meat-free consumers the opportunity to enjoy healthier versions of their favorite recipes for the most important meal of the day," says neat Vice President of Sales and Distribution, Gavin Mutter.

The neat breakfast mix is made from a combination of all-natural, additive-free and wholesome ingredients that mimic the texture of ground sausage when combined with water and two eggs (or vegan eggs) before browning in a non-stick skillet.

"neat started with a simple family gathering around the kitchen table," says neat co-founder Phil Lapp. "Our family was motivated to stop eating meat for several reasons, ranging from my wife Laura's lifelong vegetarianism to my desire to lower my cholesterol levels, to our sweet young daughters' burgeoning animal rights advocacy. Our daughter Morgan even had a hand in naming the product when she exclaimed, 'This isn't meat, it's neat!'"

A former neuroscientist turned food-product innovator, neat co-founder Laura Lapp started experimenting with meat replacement recipes as a way to provide nutritious, yet tasty meals for her family. Determined to use only essential ingredients in her recipes, Laura adjusted a combination of all-natural, chemical-free and wholesome foods throughout the recipe development phase to accomplish a flavor and consistency that closely mimics ground beef.

The gluten and soy-free breakfast meat alternative is the latest in the company's line of meat replacement mixes launched in 2013, including Original, Italian, and Mexican flavors. Even choosy meat-eaters can enjoy healthy, quick ways to serve neat burgers, neatballs and neat tacos, or crank up the culinary creativity with chef or customer-inspired recipes like Savory Meatless Chinese Steamed Wontons, Mini Pizza neatloafs and Vegetarian Mexican Pie.

In 2014, neat's meat replacement mix will be available in the foodservice channel to accommodate restaurants looking to offer vegetarian and vegan dining options to their patrons. The company also expects to have a line of unique frozen products fully developed by the end of 2014.

For more delicious recipes and information on neat, visit www.eatneat.com.

About neat foods
neat offers all-natural, gluten and soy-free meat-replacement products to consumers who are looking to reduce or eliminate meat in their diets without sacrificing their favorite recipes. neat Foods was founded in March of 2012 and continues today with four shelf-stable flavors including Mexican, Italian, Original and Breakfast Mixes. Their products are produced by VisionCorps, providing employment and rehabilitation services for the blind and visually impaired. A 5.5 oz. pouch of neat retails for $4.99, comparable to one pound of ground sausage when prepared.

*Source: Vegetarian Times

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