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Adventure tours and its likes are something which is vogue these days. No one wants a mundane, monotonous life.

Adventure tours and its likes are something which is vogue these days. No one wants a mundane, monotonous life. If not in the past, but definitely it is said today that there are many adventure sports in India. You have hundreds of adventure tours crafted specially for the like minds. The noticeable adventure and explorations include river rafting, scuba diving, bungee jumping, Para gliding, Para sailing, hot air balloons, mountaineering, hitch hiking, trekking, and mountain biking and angling.

Even when you go for a holiday, you end up being in the Hotel all day without doing much. This type of vacation perfectly suits many people, who are looking for a break so as to relax their mind and soul. Adventure tours are ideal for energetic people and few restless souls who seek quest even in a tiny flower, who likes climbing rocks and achieving great adrenalin rush things.

If you see any live TV shows at present, every celebrity guest is craving for exciting tour. In addition to this Jungle safari, camping, wild life voyages, exploring the wilderness, camping in forests and discovering new vegetation are all part of such tours.

It has been noticed that Karnataka, Uttaranchal, Himachal regions, Maharashtra and North Eastern parts of India are few places where Adventure Tours India are frequently carried out. Maharashtra is famous for water sports like Para sailing and Gliding. With the recent launch of Hot air balloons rides, the state is facing new excited tourists to try their hand. Himachal regions like Leh, Ladhak and Kashmir are known for Trekking and Hiking. These regions have more than 104 sanctioned peaks to climb on. Kashmir's Gulmarg town is also known for its skiing sports, which include a lot of amusement.

The latest news is an online new travel and tourism company, Vaibhav India Tourism offering completely unique and excellent Adventure tour packages in India. The Kashmir great lake trek, the Markha valley trek, the treks in Ladhak and Himachal are few trekking packages. They also have Leh motor bike safaris, many jungle jeep safaris. The company has amazing river rafting sports packages in Rishikesh, Coorg, Zankar etc. Their adventure tour packages ranges from 3 night/ 4 day to as long as 20 days tour. Their minimum duration for an idyllic trekking expedition is 7 days.

Vaibhav India Tourism also has very customer oriented services and guidelines. Now you can choose any adventure sport without any hesitation. The adventure tour packages in India are designed in such a fashion that they include guides, who would travel along with the tourists, safety measures like proper tools and equipments to be taken along, first aid kits and guidelines on measures to be taken for the trips.

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