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NJ's International Trade and Investment Organization Hosting Travel and Tourism Forum in Paterson City

CTIP in cooperation with the City of Paterson, New Jersey cordially invites businesses, entrepreneurs and interested individuals to attend on Free Webinar Event entitled: "Paterson City: Travel and Tourism Forum 2014"

The Council for Trade and Investment (CTIP), an NJ non-profit organization in cooperation with the City Government of Paterson, New Jersey is hosting their Second Webinar Event dubbed as "Paterson City: Travel and Tourism 2014". A webinar is a web-based conference that uses Internet technology to connect the individual hosting the webinar to the audience--the viewers or listeners of the webinar. Since CTIP is an international trade and investment organization, the use of Webinar has become a very effective tool for CTIP to convey their message, including proceedings of their events live, to their members and non members.

The event will be held at Paterson's TV Station Channel 77, located at the Second Floor, 77 Ellison Street, Paterson City, New Jersey. It will start at 1PM of February 18, 2014. Charter President, Fernando M. Sopot said the access code to the event is available at organization's website

The featured speakers will be the Guest of Honor, Mr. Jonathan Zuk, Member of the US International Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, and Founder and CEO and President of Amadeo Travel Solutions, and the City Mayor, the Honorable Jeffery Jones. The other resource speakers will come from the city officials involved in travel and tourism and economic development.

This three hour exciting event for the travel and tourism industry practitioners, and to the business sector in general will be very informative as the City Officials discusses the city not only as a trade and investment destination, but also a travel and tourism destination with the Paterson's Great Falls as the center piece of the city's tourism as it is the second largest Falls in the U.S. and the 357th National Park of the United States, as enacted under a Federal Law.

The first Webinar event last month was in cooperation with ALMA Bank and the City of Paterson. It was a success. The feedback that the organization was receiving from its members and non-members here and overseas is encouraging. The event title was Paterson City: Economic Forum 2014. Mayor Jones in his speech has asked CTIP to continue with its initiative of bringing about events that will encourage foreign investments to the United States and to the State of New Jersey in general and to the city in particular.

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