Niwa: Grow the freshest food on Earth right from your smartphone!

Niwa: Grow the Freshest Food on Earth Right from Your Smartphone!

This beautiful and compact device enables you to grow veg and plants in the most fun, easy and interactive way, in the comfort of your own living room! Now, Anyone Can Grow!

Niwa (, a smart growing system that enables anybody to grow their own food right from their smartphone, launches on Kickstarter on 12th of May.

Now anyone can grow
Ideally, we'd all be able to grow our own produce. One third of American households are currently growing vegetables. Trends indicate that while another third would like to, they lack either the time or knowledge to make it happen. Many end up frustrated or do not try at all.
In response, niwa has built a smart and elegant growing system to help busy city dwellers grow a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables right in their living room, whilst managing the entire process from their smartphone. No need even for a balcony or sunny window.

Climate control from your smartphone
With the "brain" of an experienced farmer, Niwa is the world's first fully automated, connected and responsive hydroponic growing system. It uses an array of sensors and actuators to create the perfect growing environment for your plants, watering and feeding them exactly what they need when they need it. The hardware is connected to the Internet and there is an smartphone app that sets the right growing variables according to your chosen plant.

"Just tell the app what you want to grow and it will load a specific set of pre-programmed settings, making sure your plant has the perfect environment to grow", says Javier Morillas, CEO and co-founder of niwa.

From there, you can track and understand your plant's progress, give it feedback during its growth stage and control light, humidity and watering; great while you're away on holiday or to teach kids.More seasoned growers can use the system for incubation, experimentation or create and share their own growing settings with the community for unlimited possibilities.

The easiest growing system on the market
Current solutions on the market, like smart herb gardens or big hydroponic systems, are either limited to small plants or require a fair amount of space, knowledge, and effort to maintain. niwa simplifies the process and does most of the hard work for you while offering a huge flexibility in terms of what can be grown.

Niwa is the easiest and most interactive growing system on the market. It will give you high results, peace of mind and on the top of that, will look incredible in your home. You can forget about dying plants, watering or messy soil.

While the niwa is the first product in line for the startup, the technology can be used in a range of flexible forms.

Pre-order on Kickstarter soon!
niwa is launching a Kickstarter campaign on 12th of May. The team has been taking part in HAXLR8R: a hardware accelerator program in Shenzhen. This world-leading startup program ensures the project's manufacturing feasibility and has an impeccable track record, with over 30 successful companies graduating so far.
Sustainable living might still be a somewhat distant future, but niwa brings us one step closer.

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About Niwa: Grow the freshest food on Earth right from your smartphone!

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Niwa: Grow the freshest food on Earth right from your smartphone!
Niwa: Grow the freshest food on Earth right from your smartphone!
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