Night Vision Illuminates The Inn at Honey Run

Nocturnal birdwatching is now available at boutique Amish Country hotel

Birding enthusiasts and guests of The Inn at Honey Run are seeing green -- through the lenses of the hotel's new night vision goggles. While staying at the Ohio Amish Country hotel, guests have the opportunity to borrow the goggles nightly to observe nocturnal birds and wildlife at no charge.

"The night vision goggles create an opportunity for guests to glimpse wildlife activity they wouldn't otherwise see," says owner Jason Nies. "We often see woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees outside our windows, and there's another world that comes to life at night."

Nighttime birdwatchers can scan the treetops for Great Horned Owls, Barred Owls, and Northern Mockingbirds that live around the hotel. Sure-footed birders can also take the night vision goggles for a walk on The Inn at Honey Run's private trail system to look for birds and other small animals.

The Yukon NV Tracker 1x24 goggles' integrated night vision provides clear images in pitch black, while attached binoculars with high light-gathering power are effective at dusk or in low light conditions. If the goggles prove popular, Nies plans to purchase additional pairs to allow multiple guests the opportunity to observe the feathered community at night.

Birdwatching is already popular at the hotel -- surrounding forest, meadows and on-site nesting boxes provide a habitat for a large number of bird species. Binoculars and birding guides are also provided in each guestroom, and the new night vision goggles are part of Nies' ongoing plans to expand amenities at The Inn at Honey Run.

About The Inn at Honey Run
Nestled in the rolling hills of the Ohio Amish Country, The Inn at Honey Run is a serene oasis of nature and wildlife, comfort and privacy, casual upscale dining and warm hospitality. The boutique country hotel offers a tranquil retreat, the perfect destination to regain harmony and balance within two hours of Cleveland and Columbus in Holmes County.


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