NiceOne website developers relaunched the Nua Healthcare Services Website

NiceOne website developers have relaunched the Nua Healthcare Services website and staff intranet.

The Intranet will function as an online resource providing staff with access up-to-date news and information including latest news, events, upcoming seminars, latest health care reports and to access frequently required forms and documents.

The intranet is on a private password protected area of the website which staff will log into using their personal username and password.

1.1 Latest News & Events
On logging into the website all staff members will have access to the latest news and events updates on the Intranet. The 'Automated News Update Tool' is a web-based content management tool for easy updating of news and events, no detailed knowledge of Intranet as a headline and automatically included and archived in the 'Latest News' section of the site.

1.2 Website Document Library
The website document library provides Nua healthcare staff with easy access to search, browse and download work related papers, documents and forms online.

1.3 Staff Directory
A website staff directory is also provided where members of staff may locate contact details for each other and each member can update his or her details.

2.0 Intranet Administration

The website management tools include a website document manager, news and events updating tools and password manager to manage the information and users on the Intranet.

2.1 Intranet Users
The website administrators access the following functionality:

o Add/edit/delete staff members
o Allocate usernames & passwords to staff
o Add/delete/amend member information

2.2 Automated News Update Tool
The 'Automated News Update Tool' is a web-based content management tool for easy updating of website news and events.

2.3 Document Manager
The website Document Library is easily managed, with a completely customisable filing system. New documents can be added to the web site library and new folders and files can be added and updated as required.

2.4 Mass mailing manager
The website design also includes a mass-mailing manager enables listing, drafting, editing and sending newsletter to staff.

2.5 Scalability
o The website design is scalable to allow for future developments
o The website architecture will allow for website expansion in terms of navigation and new sections/areas to be introduced over time

3.0 Technology

The web site was design and developed using the following technologies:
Operating System Linux
Web Server Apache
Database MySQL
Programming PHP
Front End HTML, Java Script

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