NextCo, Inc.

NextCo, Inc. Launches Its First Apple IOS App

NextCo, Inc. now Developing Apps for the Smart Device Market.

NextCo, Inc. a new provider of Apple iOS apps today announced the release of its first application, TickerTalk for the iPhone, IPad and iPod.

After spending over 15 years in software application development focusing on large scale commercial products used by Fortune 500 companies in areas including aerospace, consumer goods, and medical manufacturing, the team at NextCo, Inc. has shifted their focus to developing apps for the exploding smart device market. Their first app, TickerTalk, allows users to display messages that scroll across the screen like a stock or news ticker to anyone in their line of sight.

TickerTalk communication doesn't require knowing another person's phone number or social ID, it doesn't consume minutes, or need an internet connection. Users can create, save, then display unlimited numbers of messages. They can change the scroll speed, font, size, color, and message direction with easy-to-use controls. The playback can also be flipped so messages can be read in a mirror and users can scroll left-to-right or right-to-left to accommodate their language.

The company has listed the following suggested uses for TickerTalk:
- Teach younger children to type and read messages. Too young to text-but not too young to TickerTalk!
- Communicate when silence needs to be maintained - at the Library, Schools, Religious institutions, etc.
- Get someone's attention when you can't be heard - at a loud night club, a sporting event, a noisy restaurant, etc.
- Pass 'notes' to friends or people you would like to be friends with!
- Communicate with that car next to you, or use the Mirror option to communicate with the car in front of you. The company warns: Do not use TickerTalk while driving; have a passenger do it for you.
- Have fun and experiment!

NextCo has several more apps scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2012. Their first app, TickerTalk, is available on iTunes for $0.99. More information about TickerTalk and NextCo, Inc. can be found on the company's website,

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The NextCo, Inc. team has been developing and selling commercial software since 1996. NextCo is now producing apps for the ever-emerging smart device market, launching their first Apple iOS app in March of 2012.

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