Zasso and CNHi Form Strategic Cooperation for Next-Generation Herbicide

Zasso XPower

Zasso and CNHi are extending their range of Precision Farming Applications with XPower to help farmers optimize their field, crop and weed management. The new platform will improve farmers returns as well as reduce the chemical herbicide consumption, therefore protecting the environment. The new XPower by Zasso system allows non-selective burndown applications such as field preparation, potato haulm desiccation and special treatments such as wine and trees. The new XPower platform will be available from 2019.

“It is a much welcomed and natural step for Zasso to partner with an equipment manufacturer. CNHi provides us with an unparalleled depth of distribution across Europe, to expand our solution. We are particularly excited to have been selected as one of the innovative technologies available on CNHi's new platform.”
Dirk Vandenhirtz, CEO Zasso

“The Partnership with Zasso and their XPower solution is the logical next step after the Europe wide RTK Network and the GNSS Guidance and machine control options. Zasso and CNHi have both developed their environmental protection focus over the past year, and this Partnership is just the start for more.”
Maximilian Birle, aftermarket product Manager Technology at CNHi

About Zasso
Zasso GmbH specializes in clean plant control technologies for agriculture, silviculture, home, traffic, and urban areas. Zasso’s methods target both the shoots and the even more critical roots of undesired plants systemically by employing advanced lightweight high-voltage methods. Our ground-breaking systems deliver efficient and robust solutions and add an innovative approach to the dwindling number of available methods for environmentally sympathetic plant control. Electroherb reshapes weed control and plant management for both current and future challenges.

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