WhizLiz, the biggest jewelry and luxury e-commerce platform in Indonesia, launches today

WhizLiz targets to grow five times its sales and size annually to become a major player in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. E-commerce in Indonesia is looking to be Asia's largest e-commerce market hitting $130 billion by 2020 and boasting a revenue that is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2016-2021) of 20.7 % resulting in a market volume of US$14,474m in 2021, and a steady 15% year on year growthlying in jewelry.

WhizLiz (or PT. Lino Walden Technology) is the latest venture between PT. Lino Putra Mandiri under its brand Lino & Sons, one of Indonesia's leading jewelry companies, and PT WGS, an industry leader in Indonesia for enterprise software solutions that has one of the biggest software development houses in the country.

"We are excited to have WGS as our partner to launch WhizLiz," commented Andrianto Sylviano, Founder & Chief Operating Officer of WhizLiz. "We have a shared vision of being at the forefront of service and technology to provide the best experience for our clients."

"At Lino & Sons, we pride ourselves in being trendsetters, and this has to go beyond just providing the highest quality in jewelry," says Ivan Lingga, co-founder of Lino & Sons. "We have to make the engagements that customers have with us whether they are show-rooming online or are physically at our stores seamless, we feel that our partnership with WGS will give us a distinct advantage in establishing WhizLiz, to capture the need of the growing, sophisticated customer."

As affluence grows in Indonesia, helping elevate many from lower income brackets into a burgeoning and more sophisticated middle class, a target market that has greater spending power opens up. With up to 84% growth seen in online luxury brand sales, despite concerns of an economic slowdown.

WhizLiz targets a growing pool of customers that are discerning with the luxury brands and products that they choose. To cater to this crowd best, in terms of products variations, WhizLiz can make anything from fashion to bridal jewelries. Besides having the widest selection in the market, all SKUs are in stock ready to be delivered and received within days.

Another feature of WhizLiz is its guarantee on the purity of the jewelry sold. Traditionally online and offline jewelers over-promise on its products' purity, as it is impossible to tell without a laboratory analysis. Lino & Sons exports its own and WhizLiz products overseas so the purity of every piece of jewelry is assured.

"Web and social media engagement in Indonesia has become entrenched as part of the culture of young, successful working adults in the country," observes Ikin Wirawan, founder of WGS. "We are confident that the quality of products and culture that Lino & Sons stands for is in line with the WhizLiz brand."

Aiming to capitalize on the strong and vibrant jewelry market, Indonesia has projected up to 8% CAGR in jewelry sales, a large number of which stems from home grown jewellers. The stage is primed for WhizLiz in providing the growing market a trusted domestic brand with a robust online platform.

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Additional information:

www.WhizLiz.com is a buying and selling platform with the widest range of luxury products that trends among fashionistas. WhizLiz or PT. Lino Walden Technology, is a joint venture company between PT. Lino Putra Mandiri and PT. Walden Global Services, which has hundreds of interesting export quality products ranging from brand coveted fashion designers to product selection.

Ivan Lingga, Co-Founder of Lino & Sons

Spent time almost 2 years in Sillicon Valley for college and field study in start-ups. Strong financial background, graduated from The Ohio State University Bachelor's Degree in Finance. Had 7 years of experience in precious metals industry such as gold & diamond jewelry, commodity markets, & foreign exchange capital markets. Knowledgeable in company management, leadership, and negotiation skill.


Andrianto Sylviano, Founder & COO of Lino Walden Technology

Graduated from Bond University Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia majoring in finance and economics in 1999. With 16 years of experience in gold jewelery manufacturing as director and partner of Lotus Lingga Pratama. Spent 2 years in diamond jewelery manufacturing and retail store as director and cofounder of Lino Putra Mandiri.


Ikin Wirawan, Chairman of Walden Global Services

A self-proclaimed growth hacker, Ikin has more than 10 years of experience in technology product development, combining business acumen and tech know-how. He studied CS at UC Berkeley, and worked at a Silicon Valley startup as a web programmer before he came back to Indonesia to launch several tech startups. His software career has spanned professional services, apps, enterprise information systems, games, data analytics, embedded devices.


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