Wayne Moody's New Book 'The Journey of Wayne' Brings Out This Fascinating Account of a Man Who Has Been Continuously Battling Life's Adversities

​Wayne Moody, a professional bowler for 15 years and a leader in capital project/environmental research, has completed his most recent book “The Journey of Wayne”: a gripping and potent novel about a man and his journey throughout his life in the army, of being a nuclear engineer, a business manager of a multi-million project, a survivor, and an overcomer.

Wayne writes, “This publication was written with the intention of publication in the Library of Congress, telling of my military service. I added my prior and postmilitary portions of my life to enhance the military subject content.

Key features:

1.  I wanted to be an engineer and supported myself to become one.

2.  I enlisted in the USA army, graduated from Officer Candidate School in field artillery, and served in protecting major bases during the 1968 Tet Offensive.

3.  From there, I became a nuclear engineer.

4.  Then I became a chief engineer, planning the USA Alaska Oil Field development, two hundred miles north of the arctic circle.

5.  I became an engineer with Mobil Research and Development on an international basis.

6.  After that, I managed contracts and a $200-million project in Los Angeles.

7.  I was a key team member in improving major manufacturing plant performance.

8.  Then I managed fuel supply arrangements on a corporate basis in the Los Angeles area.

9.  I managed the business of a $700-million project in San Francisco. The project was based on the reduction of pollution emissions.

10. I became the business development manager of an Environmental Research and Development organization to turn environmental wastes into useful products.

11. I was very disabled because of home invasion, broken lower body bones, and post-traumatic stress injury. I have now recovered and am writing this.”

Published by Fulton Books, Wayne Moody’s book shares a remarkable life of an individual who has bravely faced the seemingly endless trials he encounters along the years. From the rough bumps to the most tragic situations, he is here to share how he sought triumph and hope through it all.

Readers who wish to experience this awe-inspiring work can purchase “The Journey of Wayne” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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