VR Bangers Head Rig Take Intimacy in VR Adult Videos to a Whole New Level

Fans are already becoming accustomed to the greatly enhanced UI / UX of adult VR entertainment, but one important obstacle in the production process has been the way models must interact with the camera itself. Rather than an unobtrusive camera set off to the side of a studio as performers get intimate with each other, in a VR scene the camera is literally the center of attention and the models must be able to extend the intimacy of the scene toward an inanimate object as a proxy for their attraction to any human co-star. The VR Bangers Head Rig is helping top performers overcome that obstacle as they transition from 2D to modern adult VR roles.

“When we started there were no out of the box solutions for studios looking to film adult VR scenes, so thinking outside the box quickly became part of our company DNA,” explained Daniel Abramovich CEO of VRBangers.com. “Anyone can slap a dozen of GoPro cameras to a stick and pretend they are a content producer, but when you start to see the distant emotionless content that low-tech choice creates, it’s easy to see that it’s insufficient and your audience will definitely let you know that quickly.”

Rather than pumping out faux-VR content with low-quality gear that performers have to work around, VRBangers chose to innovate by creating the first VR Head Rig. “It’s an anatomically correct physical head fully equipped with binaural microphones in its ears, proprietary hardware embedded in its skull and a custom camera configuration of its eyes. Yes, it sees and hears much the same way a co-star normally would, but perhaps even more importantly it looks a lot more like something you’d want to interact with than any GoPro on a stick ever will.”

The result is that top performers from flat screen adult videos are now able to easily make the move into VR scenes with the same intensity and passion that their fans expect from them – along with amazing never before seen intimacy that only comes from being able to enjoy them in a native VR environment.

“It’s not about filming with a camera that looks like a head, it’s about having the chance to be the head thanks to the creative work of our crew, the evolving VR technologies we are helping to create, and many of the most beautiful women on Earth,” adds Abramovich.

To see the VR Head Rig in action, visit www.VRBangers.com for the newest exclusive scenes starring many favorite performers right now.

Source: Virtual Reality Bangers


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