VR Bangers Experience Seeks to Improve Couples Intimacy Life Without Cheating

​​​​​​​Couples that want to spice up their romantic life are turning to VR adult entertainment in ever increasing numbers as a way to explore personal fantasies without cheating or to discover new shared interests together in an easy to delete manner. Now VR Bangers is producing new content that specifically caters to this growing demographic of virtual reality consumers.

“Many of the people in our audience are already part of a committed relationship, according to feedback sent to us by members, said CEO Daniel Abramovich. “The most frequent requests that come in for new content center around the idea of being able to try out new sexual interests in a completely immerse way without fear of infidelity. I’m a firm believer that VR sex actually reduces the chances of couples cheating because it removes the sexual limits of a relationship without requiring another person to become part of the mix in a physical sense.”

Rather than enjoying traditional adult films and attempting to coax the correct sensations solo, what many couples are telling VR Bangers support staff is that they are using VR in combination with their own interplay to maximize the immersion while opening doors to an entirely new set of options.

“For example, one of our members mentioned that their husband had always had a fantasy of being with a woman of different ethnicity,” explained Mike Henigan of VR Bangers. “That wasn’t possible within their relationship since his wife happened to be Irish. However, by wearing his VR gear and watching our recent update starring Marica Hase, his wife was able to mimic her movements and in a figurative sense becoming his new Asian lover thanks to virtual reality for the duration of that fantasy session. We see these new kinds of play becoming increasingly popular, and expect it to be the primary incentive for couples to adopt virtual reality as part of their lives in the bedroom and beyond.”

Why would any woman want to become a background element of her spouse’s fantasy? Perhaps the fact that it works both ways explains her desire. “We have added different experiences for men and women, so couples can switch and each get that benefits of the experience from each other," Abramovich remarked. “We have also had several members describe a new found joy gender-bending as a female viewer experiencing things from the male POV or vice verse. Understanding how something feels from your partner’s point of view isn’t just enjoyable, it also gives you insights that undoubtedly make you a far better lover as well.”

There are moral questions that remain, like is it considered cheating to have sex with a virtual concubine? As virtual reality continues to evolve and the level of immersion approaches the exact same sense as actually having relations with someone else, this kind of dilemma, which used to be considered sci-fi, are sure to come to the forefront in healthy conversations between couples everywhere.

VR Bangers is committed to continued development of this kind of content and one look at the VRBangers.com website reinforces the notion that VR is at the forefront of a pending sexual evolution on a global scale. 

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