TurboBuyer Launches, Providing Visual Shopping & Fast User Interface


​​Bicoastal Media, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its latest website, TurboBuyer.com. This new tool provides users with a unique visual shopping experience that will help them quickly search through thousands of eBay results and find the desired items. In recent years, visual shopping has been increasing in popularity as image search and shopping are combined to enhance online product discovery. Consumers are steadily finding it more convenient to grab their phones, search images and quickly make purchases. To better accommodate these consumers, many companies like Amazon and Forever 21 have introduced offering visual shopping experiences. And now TurboBuyer is joining in on this phenomenon that is piquing the interests of shoppers across the world. Serving as a complementary tool to the world’s largest and most popular online marketplace eBay, TurboBuyer has been designed to help the veteran ecommerce site’s 177 million active shoppers decide which items they would like to purchase in a more visual fashion. With fast photo loads and HD quality photos, TurboBuyer provides a customized way of browsing over 19,000 categories, including subcategories, and 30 million listings of eBay products.

“I have been shopping and selling on eBay for 19 years, and I recognized a need to enhance the users’ shopping experience. My team and I built TurboBuyer.com to make shopping on eBay easier and faster. We achieved this through optimization and plenty of thumbnails and high definition photos,” stated the CEO of Bicoastal Media. “We have brought eBay shopping back to the basics by displaying only what users are looking for.”

Key features include: 

Turbo Fast Shopping – When you enter an item in the search box, only relevant and related items will appear. Then, scroll through the thumbnails and find the perfect item turbo fast. If you’re interested in an item, click the thumbnail photo, visit the profile and read the product details. All product details are pulled directly from the eBay website. Then, press the “Get Info on eBay” button, which will take you directly to the eBay item for sale. Additionally, several related products and images are featured at the bottom of the page. 

Turbo Fast Search – TurboBuyer gives users the option to filter the listings through criteria such as Price, Auction, Buy it Now and Accepts Offers. TurboBuyer also provides information to help the buyer decide whether the product is a Good Buy through seller location, condition, warranty, and more.

Turbo Fast Photos – Clear images are vital when choosing which eBay item to purchase. The search function displays thumbnail photos of relevant items which loads Turbo Fast. Shoppers no longer have to wait for an extended period of time for clear photos to appear. Users can also adjust the thumbnail size to enlarge or minimize the photos. Enlarging the photo will enable the user to gain a better view of the product of interest. Unlike most sites, all the space on the screen is utilized to display photos for an enhanced viewing experience.

For more information or to quickly browse listings, please visit www.turbobuyer.com. Be sure to like TurboBuyer on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and Twitter by visiting https://www.instagram.com/turbobuyer and https://twitter.com/TurboBuyer.

Established in 1999, Bicoastal Media, Inc. provides technological services aimed at meeting the needs of small businesses and ecommerce companies. The Las Vegas-based company offers the latest in web design, technology applications and database design. Throughout the years, Bicoastal Media, Inc. has launched several successful websites and apps. TurboBuyer.com, a complementary visual shopping tool that helps users quickly and more efficiently find eBay items, is one of the company’s latest ventures.

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Established in 1999, Bicoastal Media, Inc. provides technological services aimed at meeting the needs of small businesses and ecommerce companies.

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