Tomorrow Energy Wins 'Leadership and Integrity Award' at 12th Semi-Annual Energy Marketing Conference

Tomorrow Energy was named the winner of the “Leadership and Integrity Award” at the Energy Marketing Conference (“EMC”) held in New York City on Sept. 12, 2019.  Nominees included retail energy companies “who have exemplified fine leadership qualities, the highest level of ethics, and benefit their customers, community, environment, as well as internal stakeholders,” as stated by Energy Marketing Conferences.

“All the nominees for the Leadership and Integrity Award were exemplary companies of leadership and integrity,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of Advanced Energy Capital, LED Plus and of Energy Marketing Conferences, “All of these companies showed leadership in how they excelled in hands-on customer service. They were all patrons to their communities and companies we can all be proud of. Paul Keene, CEO of Tomorrow Energy rose above everyone else.”

“Tomorrow Energy implemented an 18-month transition plan that has completely remade the business, including a move of the business to Houston, a hiring of a new team of industry veterans, and a significant shift in business strategy that resulted in a rebranding. They built a new organization with a 100% focus on renewables. They not only totally rebranded the products, they also transformed the company culture, values and ethics,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC and CEO of TrustedTPV.

“We were honored to receive the EMC Leadership and Integrity Award. Leadership throughout our organization has worked very hard to build something that we are all proud of, so it’s great to have that recognized by the industry,” said Paul Keene, CEO of Tomorrow Energy.

The Energy Marketing Conference is the largest gathering of retail energy professionals in North America.

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Tomorrow Energy is a provider of 100% renewable energy to residential customers in multiple deregulated states, offering exceptional service, innovative technology and competitive pricing. To learn more, visit

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