Tishina Jackson-Newell's New Book "Chronicles of Baby Love Taylor: Imagine Me" is a Personal Story of Overcoming Countless Hardships and Realizing One's True Strength.

Tishina Jackson-Newell, a proud mother of 2 and a gifted writer, has completed her most recent book “Chronicles of Baby Love Taylor: Imagine Me”:  a gripping and powerfully personal account of letting God take the reins and discovering one’s true life and potential.

Tishina shares that, “After a health scare, I decided to pursue my passion for writing and tell my heroic story of strength and survival and to officially retire from manual labor. I married my second husband, my high school soulmate in 2013, since being reunited through Facebook after twenty years. Having a chronic illness was no match for me and my God. He was in charge, and I knew it.”

Published by Fulton Books, Tishina Jackson-Newell’s book is about a young woman that sees herself as a caterpillar and turns into a beautiful butterfly. The ugly duckling that turns into a black swan. A woman that has reached past the naysayers, the critics, even herself.

As a young girl, she allowed herself to feel fear so intense she believed it. This story is about how she turned her fear into her focus, her powerful voice into blessings, how she became a rose from concrete. Her name is Baby Love Taylor. A woman who learned that with faith, family, and love, all of her dreams would come true.

The author says, “I am the woman that learned that God oversees her life. I am the woman who chased her fears away, through meditation, faith, and focus. I invite each and every reader to take this journey with me as I find my focus and family.”

Readers who wish to experience this inspired work can purchase “Chronicles of Baby Love Taylor: Imagine Me” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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