The 'Academy of Court-Appointed Masters' is Now 'The Academy of Court Appointed Neutrals (ACAN)'

On July 7, 2022, the Membership of the Academy of Court-Appointed Masters approved a resolution to change the Academy's name to the Academy of Court-Appointed Neutrals ("ACAN"). 

ACAN President David Tenner explained, "the Academy reached this conclusion because experience and scores of conversations over months have made it apparent that 'court-appointed neutrals' better serves and better describes our profession. The change furthers our efforts to broaden our profession and to create opportunities for our members to serve."

"The Honorable Shira Scheindlin (ret.) an ACAN Fellow, who, in 2002-03, chaired the Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that drafted the last major revisions of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 53, entitled "Masters" said, "I applaud the Academy's decision to change the term 'Masters' to 'Neutrals.' This name change is timely and 'court-appointed neutral' better describes the diverse community that can serve these roles and the diverse array of roles that can serve courts."

ACAN Executive Director Merril Hirsh added, "On our website (now, you can find both the resolution our board and membership approved and an explanation here of the many reasons why our new name better reflects our members' broad mission. We intend to work with the ABA and others to encourage rule-makers to change the term used in both the federal and state rules and expand the thinking about how tribunals and parties can make effective use of the resources our members provide. We urge other individuals and organizations to join us in this effort." 

People interested in learning more about the exciting changes at ACAN or about becoming a court-appointed neutral, becoming a better court-appointed neutral or making better use of court-appointed neutrals can contact Mr. Hirsh at, (202) 448-9020.

Source: Academy of Court-Appointed Neutrals