SVT and WonderWorld VR breaking new ground with a unique 7-day live broadcast in VR. The app SVT360 went immediately up to first place in Sweden

The 7-day broadcast of the show "Music Aid" on the Swedish public broadcaster SVT has come to an end and the viewers could, beside from the regular broadcast, also experience everything in virtual reality. This has been unique and never done before. Many has left positive comments during the whole week and the newly created app went like a rocket up to first place in just a few days.

"This feels truly amazing. It must be some kind of a record that an app on a new platform like this climbs this fast", says Simon Romanus, founder of Wonderworld VR former Head of program at the format development company Friday TV, Endemol Shine Group.

WonderWorld VR is a Swedish startup within the new virtual reality industry based in USA and in Sweden. The company has got of to a flying start with the last weeks broadcast, which must be some kind of a world record in broadcasting virtual reality live.

It started on December the 13th, when they mounted a 360-degree camera in the glassed wall studio placed in the center of the town Linkoping in Sweden. The viewers could then, from any where in the world, on any platform, watch the live broadcast. If you want you can still get the feeling of really "being in the studio". You just download the app SVT360 and use any cardboard or similar VR-goggles together with a smartphone and look around as if you where there. This was probably the first time ever that a broadcast in virtual reality went on day and night for so long.

"We had been working day and night ourselves to get everything ready for this, and we are very excited of the outcome. VR is the future of entertainment", says Simon Romanus.

WonderWorld VR consists of people with over 20 years of experience in development and content production for TV, as well as cognitive psychology analyses, hardware and software 360 technology and years of development of virtual reality for the international defence industry.

"There is no other company in the world that can compete with this kind of knowledge right now I think", Romanus says.

The company offers everything from development and professional live 360° video production to stand-alone apps with up scalable VR content for any device (online, smartphone/tablet, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR and Google cardboard or similar).

WonderWorld VR digs deep into human behavior in VR to be able to meet their clients' needs in the best possible way. The company has also developed their own software - WonderControl, to help any client to "stitch" together the material into on-demand high quality virtual reality films, ready to be uploaded or broadcasted live.

"Any person in the world who owns a smartphone is a potential VR viewer. This medium will explode faster than anyone can imagine. This is the future, and we offer it now," says Romanus.

The company will now meet the needs from the clients globally by bringing in investors and also opening an office in Los Angeles in January.

"Our biggest strength is our ideas and that we will have our own IP and immersive app content, says Romanus. We are approaching, and already working with clients in many markets such as TV, Travel agencies, Live Entertainment, Real Estate, Schools, Museums and more. We need to be global in times like this and since we are in the forefront, the steps that we are taking are truly amazing. Once you have tried VR in any business, you know there is only one way to go - and that is forward".

WonderWorld VR consists of people with over 20 years of experience in development and production for TV, cognitive psychology analyses, hardware and software 360 technology and years of VR development for the international defence industry. We stay abreast and drive the development for new services and products within the Virtual Reality Market. We collaborate with the most progressive clients in Virtual Reality around the world.

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