Software Partnership Offers Safe Deliveries as Sales of Alcohol and Cannabis Soar

Elite EXTRA and Partner on Alcohol, Medical Marijuana, and Cannabis Deliveries

Advanced dispatch software Elite EXTRA and identity verification solution provider have integrated to provide streamlined and legal deliveries of products where age and ID verification are required. The new partnership allows items such as alcohol, medical marijuana, and cannabis to be delivered to customer’s homes, with required verification of proof of age and identity at their doorsteps.

Deliveries have grown substantially since the pandemic, with alcohol and other ID-required products growing exponentially since March. Many states have shifted their laws to accommodate these deliveries, making necessary changes to provide relief for restaurants, bars, and small businesses that are limited to offering takeout and delivery.

With these changes, it is typically the courier’s or driver’s responsibility to validate the customer's age and ID and to collect the customer’s signature. Combining the features of both systems ensures that the businesses can get the products delivered efficiently and legally.

Elite EXTRA optimizes the routes, provides real-time visibility and ETAs, and allows contact-free deliveries. provides a simple scan of any government-issued ID or passport, verifies a customer’s age, validates their ID, and captures their personal information to create or update a record in the database.

According to Jim Ward, founder and President of Elite EXTRA, the combined solution helps small businesses to compete against larger online competitors, providing a safe and efficient means of delivering these products to their customers.

“We’re offering a solution that will help local businesses get products to their customers in an efficient, affordable, and legal manner,” said Ward. “The seamless integration makes it easy to use and protects businesses from liability by ensuring that the recipients are of legal age for whatever product is being delivered.”

According to Director of Business Development Kenny Peddicord, the technology has been approved by the TSA and FBI (CJIS) as a secure way to validate a person’s age.

“Our mobile age verification solution not only verifies for age but checks for fraudulent IDs and keeps the record on file and available to all businesses,” said Peddicord. “Delivery couriers can scan every ID to quickly check the ID of any customer, and it can be done without exchanging hands, which is critical in these times.”

For more information, contact our Elite EXTRA team at or 1.888.484.8729

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