Say Goodbye to Vacation Planning Stress: Innovative New Service Custom-Tailors Trips to Experience New York City Like A Local

LOCALIKE to Revolutionize NYC Travel with Curated, Insider Service

LOCALIKE (, an innovative new service launched by a young Manhattan entrepreneur, replaces the need for traditional guidebooks and time-consuming web research by creating customized, insider travel experiences for New York City-bound visitors, designed to help them truly experience "The City" like a local.

The user-friendly process utilizes information gleaned from the customer to create in-depth and personal trip planners that are revolutionary both in their focus on individualized experiences and on being up-to-the-minute on what's hot and trending. Travelers simply fill out a profile on LOCALIKE'S website that details their interests and preferences.

LOCALIKE'S New York City insiders will then research and generate a customized New York City PERSONAL itinerary that will be provided back to the customer within five business days, for the starting price of $129 for a two-day itinerary.

LOCALIKE travelers also have the option of requesting several curated, experiential itineraries through LOCALIKE's New York City SELECT option priced at $49 with recommendations driven by certain themed activities or locations, e.g. shopping, arts and culture, restaurants and food, rooftops and outdoors, etc. All of the tours, restaurants and tickets can be booked and reserved through LOCALIKE directly, at no extra charge.

The service is the brainchild of LOCALIKE founder Andreas Leuzinger, a Swiss-American marketing specialist whose mother is a third-generation Manhattanite. Leuzinger grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, but found himself drawn to New York again and again, with increasing regularity. His fascination turned into passion, and passion turned into love. Today the 33-year-old lives and works in Manhattan and had the idea for LOCALIKE after finding himself planning trips for visiting friends and even people he didn't know personally.

"I had so many friends and friends-of-friends coming to visit tell me they wanted to experience the 'real New York' and not have to rely on the same dated, touristy recommendations they found in guidebooks," says Leuzinger. "It gave me the idea to create a service that would not only make it easy for travelers to plan a visit, but also provide a curated itinerary with our personal recommendations that are 100% independent and not based on contracts with local promoters or restaurants."

LOCALIKE New York originally was crafted for international visitors with a German-language website. Based on the resounding success of that site, it has now been adapted to the English-language version to serve domestic visitors as well. A version geared for visitors to Rome, LOCALIKE Roma, was previously introduced in 2015. This version is currently only available in German and Italian.

Based on the customer's interests, the LOCALIKE team may, for example, recommend an exclusive Japanese restaurant that doesn't publish its phone number but can be accessed because the LOCALIKE team has eaten there. LOCALIKE may also recommend off-the-beaten path, vetted selections such as a neighborhood jazz bar tucked in the basement of an Italian restaurant. LOCALIKE provides a rare insider's perspective along with all the tips a traveler needs ranging from hours of operation and subway lines to get there to insider tips on what to expect and how to best experience each recommendation.

Leuzinger emphasizes that LOCALIKE does not work on a commission basis and is therefore neutral and independent.

"Receiving advice from locals has always been a cherished travel resource," says Leuzinger. "Our service not only streamlines the process for a traveler who may not be familiar with the city, but also gives them the benefit of having us decode the city's DNA for them and provide personal recommendations they won't find in a guidebook or online."

LOCALIKE's custom experience services include:

The most customized experience offered by LOCALIKE, users who opt for a New York PERSONAL itinerary receives detailed local recommendations, starting at $129, by following five simple steps:

  • Create an online account at
  • Fill out a short travel profile (which on average, takes less than 20 minutes) to determine interests, tastes and price expectations for the upcoming trip.
  • Within five business days, a LOCALIKE expert will share an in-depth and comprehensive Trip Planner experience, which includes bespoke advice on the most up-to-date and off the beaten path sights and happenings throughout New York City.
  • Users then have the ability to sort/reorder their recommendations to their itinerary as well as make restaurant and attraction reservations.

For only $49, travelers can receive exclusive tips with New York SELECTION itineraries that are complete with addresses, subway connections and maps for the following categories:

  • Restaurants & Food
  • Shopping
  • Rooftops & Outdoors
  • Arts & Culture
  • Night Out

For more information on LOCALIKE and its experiences, please visit


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