Samsæri Release Follow Up Album "Letters From The Island"

The Swedish/Maltese Act Samsæri returns with a new album out the 20th of April 2017 on all Major services.

Following up the cinematic album from 2015 (Conspirare Noir) comes the Album "Letters From The Island". A concept album.

The album comes with a full feature film and will be performed on their upcoming tour starting in Stockholm, Sweden the 29th of April.

The album features 11 Tracks in a mix of Dark ambient, bombastic Classical themes as well as Jazz and Electronica.

First Official Video from the album:



1 Prelude: Adrift

2 Abandoned Ground

3 Where Am I?

4 The Golden Cage

5 Anchor & Chain

6 Alone At Last

7 Conundrum

8 Complaint

9 The Escape

10 I Revisit The City By Night

11 Coming Home

Album Release 20th of April on all large services (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Music etc.)

Label: The Sublunar Society (SE)

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