Revolutionary Contract and Grant Event: Rambo House Hosts Vital Resources for LA's Small Businesses on Aug. 5

Minority-Inclusive Business Event to Attract 700+ Attendees, Offering Access to LA County, City, and Metro Representatives for Unfiltered Contract and Grant Insights

Contract Ready 700

Celebrating its 10th milestone event within four years, Rambo House, in partnership with LENDISTRY, announces "Rambo's Contract Ready" on Aug. 5. This influential, free contract and grant event, taking place at the LAX Westin Hotel, is the largest of its kind in the county for minority and women small business owners, and is expected to draw over 700 attendees.

Led by Dion Rambo, a Los Angeles County Commissioner for the Quality & Productivity Commission, this event stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to increase inclusion in contracting throughout Los Angeles County. As the creative force behind initiatives such as Accessing LA Series, Los Angeles Small Business Mayor Summit, Building LA Today, and Pull Up Mental Health Concert, Rambo has made significant strides in enhancing opportunities for minority and women entrepreneurs.

The event offers a fast-paced learning environment where LA County, City, and Metro representatives provide critical resources for certification, contract, and grant information. Each expert speaker will deliver insightful, rapid-fire presentations, limited to just six minutes.

Kicking off at 9:30 a.m. with a special Q&A session hosted by Dion Rambo, the main event follows from 10 a.m. to noon, imparting essential strategies for finding and winning contracts in LA County.

Dion Rambo is available for pre-event interviews. Media representatives interested in gaining exclusive insights into the event can contact him directly at (310) 570-2506.

Registration is now open at, taking just three minutes to complete. Attendees can enjoy complimentary refreshments and avail parking at $15 (with event validation).

Join "Rambo's Contract Ready" and contribute to a mission that democratizes access to crucial business knowledge, inspires entrepreneurial success, and fosters inclusion in contracting across the county.

About Rambo House

Rambo House is a Los Angeles-based company committed to boosting local businesses and uplifting minority and women business owners. Known for its innovative and highly impactful events, Rambo House provides indispensable, unfiltered information and resources to the local business community.

Source: Rambo House

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About Rambo House

"Rambo's Contract Ready" is a groundbreaking event founded by Dion Rambo, a renowned Los Angeles County Commissioner for the Quality & Productivity Commission. This event serves as a dynamic platform designed to bolster minority and women-owned small businesses in LA County. With rapid-fire presentations from key representatives of the LA County, City, and Metro, attendees gain crucial insights into securing contracts and grants. With its fast-paced, information-packed format, "Contract Ready" stands as a testament to Rambo's commitment to fostering inclusion and entrepreneurial success in Los Angeles' vibrant business landscape.