Revolution Dating in Palm Beach: South Florida Singles Ditch Online Dating in Favor of a More Traditional Approach

Revolution Dating believes that people need to return to love, with help from the pros. Besides connecting one couple at a time, this matchmaking service in Palm Beach is contributing a portion of all new membership dues to the Bahama Love Foundation to help people severely affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Revolution Dating is THE Florida Matchmaker

​​​​​Kelly Leary, professional matchmaker at Revolution Dating, helps single professionals find the soul mate they are looking for without the hassle of online dating. In her recent column, Kelly discussed the reasons that most people are tired of online dating, the impact it’s had on our ability to connect and why she is changing the way people in Palm Beach find love.  

Florida Matchmaker and Clinical Psychologist Kelly Leary explains why people are tired of online dating.  

It is such a blessing to share this with the world - we are like two peas in a pod - compatible in every way - the world is our oyster and we have both been waiting for each other forever.

Bruce, Happy Client

According to Kelly, the rise of the Internet has resulted in a decline in real-life connection that makes people tired of online dating. The pressure to sign up with an online dating site and start swiping is nearly constant and many feel their only other option is the bar scene. As we move further into the 21st century, fewer people are finding potential partners based on common interests and, instead, are turning to a computerized algorithm to find love. 

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While it may seem efficient, the owner of Revolution Dating says that online daters are rarely making a decision based on what really matters when it comes to making a relationship work. Instead, they make their decisions based on curated photos and profiles often filled with half-truths or flat-out lies. According to surveys, over half of all online daters lie on their profiles. This generally leads to mismatched couples, users who are tired of online dating and further distrust in relationships down the road.    

Because of the major hurricane damage in the Bahamas, Revolution Dating matchmaking service in Palm Beach is contributing a portion of all new membership dues to the #BahamaLove Foundation to help people severely affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Professional Matchmaking works for professionals who are tired of online dating.  

The risks of online dating are all too real for busy South Florida singles. Often, the back and forth of swipes and messages can be so time-consuming that the search doesn’t even seem worth it. With many people who have no interest in finding true love creating online dating profiles, users have begun to feel that scheduling dates and finding love is hopeless. Kelly Leary and Revolution Dating are on a mission to change the way Palm Beach residents date.  

The way they help clients find true love is a more traditional approach. A personal meeting and in-depth profile interview allow the professional matchmakers to know what a member truly needs and values in a relationship, just like a friend would. Hosting singles events in Palm Beach helps them to get to know their members further and gives an opportunity to let sparks fly naturally. After some time with the Florida matchmakers, members are often introduced to their one true love. 

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Revolution Dating is a professional matchmaking service in Palm Beach, Florida owned by clinical psychologist and local Cupid, Kelly Leary.  Members enjoy the privilege of having a professional evaluate and match them with a mate that shares their goals and values. Their strategy is to promote face-to-face dating between guaranteed matches to save time and energy for those who are tired of online dating. For more information or to attend a members-only event, South Florida singles can call 561-630-XOXO (9696) or go to and book an appointment. Revolution Dating office is located at 5090 PGA Boulevard #208, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. Revolution Dating is responsible for this press release. 

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