Purafil Makes Corrosion Diagnosis Accessible With Launch of New Website

Purafil's new website gives customers access to industry-leading corrosion diagnosis tools to prevent equipment failure and keep facilities operational

Purafil Corrosion Diagnosis Coupon

Purafil, the leader in gas phase filtration and corrosion control technology, announces the launch of its new website, corrosionmonitor.com. Purafil built the website to address growing corrosion control needs and to make it easier for customers to access the solutions they need. Damage caused by corrosion is responsible for nearly 40 percent of equipment failures in industrial applications, and Purafil hopes to help customers remedy this by providing diagnosis tools and solutions.

"We're excited to launch this new website so our customers can easily find the corrosion diagnosis and corrosion control solutions they need to make their facilities safer, healthier, and more productive. Our solutions address the growing corrosion issue in data centers, paper mills, and other industrial plants," said Matt Baude, President of Purafil.

The website highlights various scientifically proven solutions for corrosion diagnosis and control and has simplified how people can find the right solution for their corrosion issues. Customers are looking to prevent unplanned and costly downtime and repairs, so finding a solution quickly is vital.

"We have incredible partners that are truly committed to making the world a better place and keeping our customers connected to the best resources they need to keep their facilities functional and operational—increasing awareness through corrosionmonitor.com is a large part of that commitment," Baude said.

Purafil earned the prestigious ISO 17025:2017 lab accreditation, which certifies that every product is backed by best-in-class procedures, equipment, and processes.

To explore the new website or to learn more about corrosion control, visit corrosionmonitor.com.

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Purafil, the leader in gas phase filtration, has been making the world safer, healthier and more productive since 1969. Its 50 years of experience fuels a passion to continually improve air quality by removing harmful and unpleasant contaminants from the air. Purafil protects thousands of people, processes and environments every day. Learn more about Purafil at www.purafil.com.

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Purafil, the leader in gas phase filtration, has been making the world safer, healthier and more productive since 1969.

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