Pollix Kickstarter Launch Brings Innovative Health and Fitness Wearable Within Reach of Consumers Eager for a Smarter Watch

Kickstarter for Pollix Watch Launches Oct. 22

With this week’s launch (Oct. 22) of the Kickstarter for the innovative Pollix Watch by Pollix GmbH, consumers may finally have a wearable that checks all the form and function boxes - and then some - for monitoring health and fitness.

The Pollix Watch includes the expected weight loss and fitness supporting AI tech features of a smartwatch then kicks that up a few notches while also solving for the battery-power challenges of many smartwatches. It boasts a 10-day battery life, water-resistant swim tracker, goal-based exercise modes, fatigue monitoring, meditations and music player connection as well as blood pressure, heart rate and ECG monitoring. The device is from the creative digital, tech and engineering innovators at Pollix – inventors of several other AI-powered fitness products including a smart scale and fitness tracker.  

With a Kickstarter fundraising goal of $50,000, early supporters get a variety of gifts for their investment that range from product discounts to Pollix Watches and bands, with the addition of other merchandise from the Pollix parent company. The Pollix Watch is made from durable, lightweight, aerospace-grade antibacterial aluminum that comes in a smooth-flush, IP68 waterproof 46mm case, and the IPS display is made from Corning Gorilla Glass, which is rugged and crack-resistant. 

And consumer trends reinforce that the Pollix team is not only well in tune with the smartwatch evolution but appears to be ahead of the curve. According to recent research, global sales of smartwatches will grow to an estimated 136 million in 2020 as compared to the 91.8 million sold last year – with users demanding more and more function along with more compact size, more health functions and more fashionable style options.

“We’re excited about the launch of our Kickstarter and are confident that our fashion-forward, lightweight smartwatch is going to help users move more, sleep better, eat healthier, lose weight faster and improve their health. Our proprietary AI is really the key to a better product and our team includes AI experts; software, hardware and mechanical engineers; product developers; designers; project managers; investors; and marketers,” said Andreas Schweiger, CTO. “In partnership with several universities, we have tested the Pollix Watch extensively and are fully confident that our smartwatch can stand up to the competition on all fronts.”

On the aesthetics front, the Pollix Watch offers a selection of bracelet and watch faces to fit wearers’ fashion preferences. The stainless steel, woven or premium leather bands are designed for movement and breathability; and the clock faces encompass an equally broad style selection. 

To support the Pollix Watch Kickstarter or to find out more, go to kickstarter.com or watch.pollix.com.

For media inquiries, contact: Pollix GmbH / office@pollix.com / +436765540000

Source: Pollix


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