PHP Agency Inc. Appoints Matthew Sapaula to Chief Distribution Officer

Fast Growing Insurance Agency Expands Executive Management Team

PHP Agency Inc. is proud to announce that Matthew Sapaula (“Matt”) has been appointed as the Chief Distribution Officer (“CDO”) of PHP Agency, Inc. (“PHP”). This appointment represents a major milestone in PHP’s history, as Matt is the first senior field leader to transition to an executive role at PHP. 

Matt brings a discipline and dedication to PHP that he developed as a decorated member of the United States Marine Corps and from 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. In his last five years with PHP, Matt and his wife Sheena Sapaula have quickly grown their minority-centric Money Smart Movement (MSM) organization into one of the largest and most respected leadership development organizations at PHP while being 100% aligned to PHP’s unique culture and vision.

“As a Filipino, I know that most multi-cultural people don’t have much of a shot to get ahead without learning about money and business,” Matt said. “Large-scale companies don’t teach that, but we have offices across the country with entrepreneurial opportunities and world-class agents excited to educate and lead the next wave of PHP entrepreneurs.”

This announcement follows PHP’s record-setting second quarter ending June 2020, where new recruits and life insurance policies submitted grew 81% and 54%, respectively, over the second quarter of 2019, all during the COVID-19 pandemic. PHP’s predominately millennial and minority-based field agents’ quick adoption of new technologies required to operate during this pandemic resulted in unprecedented growth. 

As CDO, Matt will be responsible for driving PHP’s expected future agent and revenue growth, while continuing his track record of developing top field leaders. Matt’s unique perspective and personal industry knowledge will aid PHP’s Executive team in developing strategies to enhance product distribution and agent experience.

Patrick Bet-David, CEO and Founder of PHP, stated that the following qualities were crucial when choosing the right candidate for CDO. Someone who:

·         Brings and reinforces the values and principles that PHP stands for

·         Intends to continue the level of growth that PHP is having in the field

·         Extremely tech-savvy and understands the social media and technology that will lead the sales force away from the old, archaic way of doing business

·         A husband-wife team that are building their business together and run their operations  like partners

·         Gets along with, leads, and has the respect of everyone they work with in the field

“Matt is the one person that I am 100% confident meets those five criteria,” Bet-David said.

“My life changed because someone thought highly enough of me to give me a chance, because they believed in me even when I had no sales experience,” Matt said. “My goal is to express belief in our agents, because Patrick’s belief in me is why I’m here today.” Matt has worked under the direct mentorship of Patrick since joining PHP in 2015. Matt is actively involved in various Veteran organizations and has made guest appearances on ABC, FOX Good Day Chicago, NBC, and WGN, raising awareness about entrepreneurship opportunities in the life insurance industry for Veterans and minority communities.

About PHP Agency Inc.

PHP Agency Inc. is a national financial services organization founded in 2009 by Patrick Bet-David. PHP partners with leading insurance and annuity carriers and provides a part-time or full-time opportunity to those seeking careers as life insurance agents. PHP has over 15,000 licensed agents, has served more than 200,000 families, and is privately headquartered in Addison, TX.

Contact: Tigran Bekian (Marketing Director)

Source: PHP Agency, Inc.