Perx Technologies expands across Asia Pacific in the enterprise space with their leading mobile customer engagement solutions

Perx Technologies Pte Ltd, the Singapore-based mobile customer engagement and loyalty platform provider, announces it has signed a master reseller agreement with thriving customer engagement and loyalty startup, Complex Interactions, in Australia and hired enterprise sales veteran, N. Vijayan, in Malaysia.

With these two developments, Perx's intelligent customer engagement solutions will reach a substantial number of enterprises in the Asia Pacific region to employ an inexpensive plug-in solution to revitalize their customer engagement strategy and in turn, drive their businesses to greater heights.

This announcement comes at a very strategic time, on the back of Perx's partnership with Visa Business Hub. With this Visa partnership, Perx helps SMBs to automate their mobile customer engagement and loyalty requirements while cutting costs around their existing business and allowing them to offer value-added services to their customers in real time.

"We are thrilled to make this double announcement as Perx rapidly expands its regional footprint," said Anna Gong, CEO of Perx. "As experts in digital and brand marketing, loyalty, customer engagement and retail distribution, Complex Interactions will be invaluable to us in the Australian market."

"In Malaysia, Vijayan was a great choice with his stellar track record and relevant enterprise experience," Anna added.

Like Perx, Complex Interactions is driven by solving their customers' challenges and gaps. Co-founders, Evgeny Kuznetsov & Sean Andrews, saw that there was no true end to end solution out there that can solve their customers' loyalty and customer engagement requirements in the new digital age where mobile, personalization & proximity marketing is the key to engaging consumers. This common goal paved the way to the partnership.

"Where technology allows us to automate tangible solutions and deliver smart business intelligence to our customers, Perx and their expertise regarding engagement and customer loyalty will allow us the means to have deeper and more comprehensive metrics to better connect companies and consumers"" Sean of Complex Interactions mentioned.

In addition, Sean has a company called New Age Technology that manufactures and distributes smart consumer electronics and educational devices to many retailers. This gives Perx immediate access to a list of clients to work with, including large mall operators, retailers, banks and telecommunication firms.

As Perx continues to build quality products and sign up partnerships around the world, it attracts more seasoned industry veterans to join. Vijayan, will bring more than 20 years of experience in strategic partnerships and enterprise sales management to the business.

Vijayan brings to Perxvast experience in software sales and is well-known for securing major deals with large MNC's. As Country Sales Head for SAP Malaysia, his longest and most productive stint, Vijay led sales and implementation of ERP solutions to major corporations in the region.

With five years of experience in innovating, developing and managing its mobile loyalty and rewards app, Perx understands the needs of SMBs to large enterprises to improve and solve their digital marketing challenges around customer acquisition, engagement, and retention in a real time manner with relevant insights to make informed and impactful business decisions.


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About Perx

Perx Technologies, the leading Predictive Mobile Customer Engagement Platform, enables organizations of all sizes to acquire, engage and reward their customers or employees intelligently.

Perx's Analytics Engine empowers you to create a new, yet unrealized, revenue stream by transforming your customers' big data into a powerful marketing platform for your business ecosystem.

With four years of experience in innovating, developing and managing its mobile loyalty and rewards app, Perx is one of a few companies globally that has a personal referenceable implementation, consuming its own enterprise SaaS platform, to prove that what they say they can do works and has helped companies generate unrealized revenue streams with the power of intelligent data analytics

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