OpenBots Announces a Surge in Global Customers

OpenBots Kicks Off 2024 with Landmark Customer Expansion and a Groundbreaking Document Automation Initiative

OpenBots Announces a Surge in Global Customers

OpenBots, a business automation platform and leader in intelligent automation solutions, commences 2024 on a high note, marking its transition from a startup with a dozen clients to a mature company now serving hundreds of satisfied customers and partners globally. 

The OpenBots team announced the launch of its new campaign, "Automating Document Data into Enterprise Systems," aimed at eliminating operational fragmentation and reducing repetitive manual tasks. OpenBots is expertly designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems through direct overlay or via API. This advanced capability empowers companies to efficiently manage a multitude of documents and address system disparities, thereby enhancing control over their operational processes.

"We are incredibly proud of the significant advancements made in such a short time. Our global customer base is a testament to the effectiveness of our solutions in enhancing operational efficiency. The year 2024 is all about our customers and their success." - Gilberto Marcano, CMO of OpenBots, reflects on the company’s rapid growth. 

Jason Dzamba, Director of Media Relations at OpenBots, shared his excitement about the company's upcoming initiatives, "We're thrilled to be hosting a series of virtual events designed to showcase the power of intelligent automation. These events will offer valuable insights into how businesses worldwide are transforming their operations by processing thousands of documents efficiently and automating mundane tasks."

Public insights suggest that in 2024, companies implementing AI and intelligent automation can expect to see notable improvements in operational efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantages. A report by McKinsey & Company indicates that AI and automation adoption could result in a 15% increase in productivity for early adopters.

OpenBots invites business leaders to visit their website to explore industry-specific automation solutions and arrange a meeting with their expert team. With OpenBots, companies can expect tailored automation strategies designed to meet the unique needs of their industry and operational challenges.

"OpenBots remains committed to driving innovation and excellence in the field of intelligent automation. Our solutions are designed to empower businesses to embrace the future of work, where efficiency and strategic growth go hand in hand," added Marcano.

For more information and to see how OpenBots can transform your business operations, please visit

About OpenBots: OpenBots is a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions, empowering businesses to automate document data into Enterprise systems, streamline their operations and drive growth. With a focus on customer success and innovation, OpenBots is dedicated to transforming the future of work through AI and automation.

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